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  • The United States' position on the Middle East peace process is "confused and worrying", France's foreign minister said after talks with his U.S. counterpart, affirming that the only realistic option was a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Pledging solidarity after the Paris attacks, President Barack Obama promised Tuesday to work with France and other allies to intensify the U.S.-led campaign against the Islamic State, saying America would not be cowed by the scourge of terrorism. To this point, Obama said, Russia is an "outlier" in the fight. "We cannot succumb to fear," Obama said, standing alongside French President Francois Hollande after they met at the White House to discuss the anti-ISIS mission. "Make no mistake, we will win, and groups like ISIL will lose."
  • French President François Hollande embarks Monday on a weeklong whirlwind of diplomacy to marshal an international coalition for the war he has declared on terror and Islamic State. The diplomatic dash kicks off over breakfast in Paris with U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, takes the French leader to Washington and Moscow, and ends with a late dinner back in the French capital Sunday with Chinese President XI Jinping.
  • In the wake of the Paris terror attacks, many in France have said they finally understand what things were like for Americans just after September 11, 2001. The attacks have emboldened France's conservatives and pushed liberal and moderate factions rightward. On Friday, the French parliament voted to extend a nationwide state of emergency for another three months, granting authorities broad powers to limit civil liberties in the name of combating terrorism. The French public overwhelmingly supports the move.
  • Bomb ISIS. Go ahead. They deserve it. It certainly satisfies the primal need for visible retaliation after the Paris attacks. It may even do some good in the struggle against terrorism in Europe. Some—but probably not very much.
  • France wants to bring the United States and Russia together in a grand coalition dedicated to smashing the Islamic State group, President Francois Hollande told lawmakers Monday in a rare joint session in the Palace of Versailles as authorities worldwide struggled to pinpoint those responsible for the deadliest attacks on French soil since World War II. "The faces of the dead people, of the wounded, of the families don't leave my mind," Hollande declared after France and many allies observed a minute of silence in honor of the 129 killed and 350 wounded when Islamic State attackers targeted a soccer stadium, a rock concert and four nightspots Friday with assault gun fire and suicide bombs.
  • France is committed to "destroying" the so-called Islamic State group after Friday's deadly attacks, President Francois Hollande says.
  • Members of Parliament sing ‘La Marseillaise,’ the French national anthem, following President Francoise Hollande’s address to a joint session at the Palace of Versailles.

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