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Aaron Schock Aaron Schock Wikipedia Bio101111Representative Schock Resigns Amid Growing Ethics Scandal2015-03-18
Al D'Amato Al D'Amato Wikipedia Bio0000
Alan Keyes Alan Keyes Wikipedia Bio Alan Keyes Facebook Page Alan Keyes Twitter Page0000
Allen West Allen West Wikipedia Bio Allen West Facebook Page Allen West Twitter Page40414Unprofessional, yes, but Sexist?2011-07-30
Andrew Shirvell1011Michigan Asst. Attorney General Fired For Hassing Gay Stude...2010-11-09
Ann Marie Buerkle Ann Marie Buerkle Wikipedia Bio Ann Marie Buerkle Facebook Page Ann Marie Buerkle Youtube Page0000
Anthony Weiner Anthony Weiner Wikipedia Bio00252Anthony Weiner Part II2013-07-28
Arne Carlson Arne Carlson Wikipedia Bio0000
Arnold Schwarzenegger Arnold Schwarzenegger Wikipedia Bio Arnold Schwarzenegger Facebook Page Arnold Schwarzenegger Twitter Page1017Arnold Schwarzenegger admits to adultery, Twitter erupts wi...2011-05-17
Ben Quayle Ben Quayle Wikipedia Bio Ben Quayle Twitter Page1001
Bob Allen Bob Allen Wikipedia Bio1002
Bob Barr Bob Barr Wikipedia Bio Bob Barr Facebook Page Bob Barr Twitter Page0004
Bob Beauprez Bob Beauprez Wikipedia Bio Bob Beauprez Facebook Page Bob Beauprez Twitter Page0001
Bob Inglis Bob Inglis Wikipedia Bio Bob Inglis Facebook Page Bob Inglis Twitter Page0000
Bob McDonnell Bob McDonnell Wikipedia Bio503350Former Governor Bob McDonnell Charged With Corruption2015-01-10
Bob Riley Bob Riley Wikipedia Bio Bob Riley Facebook Page Bob Riley Twitter Page0000
Brian Bilbray Brian Bilbray Wikipedia Bio0000
Buddy Roemer Buddy Roemer Wikipedia Bio Buddy Roemer Facebook Page Buddy Roemer Twitter Page00112Weird #### going on in Iowa2012-01-10
Byron Dorgan Byron Dorgan Wikipedia Bio Byron Dorgan Facebook Page0000
Bill Young Bill Young Wikipedia Bio Bill Young Facebook Page Bill Young Youtube Page0001
Cathie Adams Cathie Adams Wikipedia Bio0002
Charles Bass Charles Bass Wikipedia Bio0000
Charles Djou Charles Djou Wikipedia Bio Charles Djou Twitter Page0000
Charlie White Charlie White Wikipedia Bio1001
Chip Cravaack Chip Cravaack Wikipedia Bio Chip Cravaack Twitter Page0000
Chip Pickering Chip Pickering Wikipedia Bio Chip Pickering Facebook Page0001
Chris Chocola Chris Chocola Wikipedia Bio0001
Chris Shays Chris Shays Wikipedia Bio0020McMahon may split the CT US Senate vote.2012-08-02
Christine Todd Whitman Christine Todd Whitman Wikipedia Bio0000
Christopher Lee Christopher Lee Wikipedia Bio1001
Cliff Stearns Cliff Stearns Wikipedia Bio Cliff Stearns Facebook Page1003
Colin Powell Colin Powell Wikipedia Bio00134Colin Powell blasts North Carolina Republicans2013-08-22
Condoleezza Rice Condoleezza Rice Wikipedia Bio00222Condi Lies and Disgraces People of Color2012-10-06
Connie Mack Connie Mack Wikipedia Bio Connie Mack Facebook Page Connie Mack Twitter Page0022Florida Senatorial Election Discussion2012-11-06
Curtis Coleman Curtis Coleman Facebook Page Curtis Coleman Twitter Page0021Curtis Coleman compares embryonic stem cell research to wha...2011-11-27
D.J. Bettencourt D.J. Bettencourt Wikipedia Bio1001
Dan Burton Dan Burton Wikipedia Bio1002
Dana Perino Dana Perino Wikipedia Bio0012Perino Jumps in on Bashing Christie2012-11-06
Daniel Lungren Daniel Lungren Wikipedia Bio0011illusions or reality?!2012-11-29
Darin Peterson Darin Peterson Wikipedia Bio0000
David Dreier David Dreier Wikipedia Bio0000
David Rivera David Rivera Wikipedia Bio David Rivera Youtube Page6006
David Stockman David Stockman Wikipedia Bio0000
Dennis Hastert Dennis Hastert Wikipedia Bio101113Denny Hastert's Past Has Come Back to Haunt Him2015-06-09
Dennis Nolan Dennis Nolan Wikipedia Bio0000
Denny Rehberg Denny Rehberg Wikipedia Bio Denny Rehberg Youtube Page0040Montana's tossup Senate election.2012-07-16
Doc Hastings Doc Hastings Wikipedia Bio0000
Donald Manzullo Donald Manzullo Wikipedia Bio0000
Donald Carcieri Donald Carcieri Wikipedia Bio Donald Carcieri Facebook Page Donald Carcieri Twitter Page0000
Donald Rumsfeld Donald Rumsfeld Wikipedia Bio Donald Rumsfeld Facebook Page Donald Rumsfeld Twitter Page00261rule of the lawless2012-11-21
Edison Aldarondo Edison Aldarondo Wikipedia Bio1002
Elton Gallegly Elton Gallegly Wikipedia Bio Elton Gallegly Facebook Page0000
Eric Cantor Eric Cantor Wikipedia Bio Eric Cantor Facebook Page Eric Cantor Twitter Page Eric Cantor Youtube Page508234Eric Cantor loses Virginia primary to Tea Party Candidate2014-06-12
Quico Canseco Quico Canseco Wikipedia Bio0000
Frank Guinta Frank Guinta Wikipedia Bio Frank Guinta Facebook Page0000
Frank Wolf Frank Wolf Wikipedia Bio Frank Wolf Facebook Page Frank Wolf Twitter Page Frank Wolf Youtube Page0000
Gary Johnson Gary Johnson Wikipedia Bio Gary Johnson Facebook Page Gary Johnson Twitter Page00242Jill Stein and Gary Johnson Effect2016-11-09
Geoff Davis Geoff Davis Wikipedia Bio0000
George Allen George Allen Wikipedia Bio George Allen Twitter Page1011Virginia U.S. Senate Race 2012-07-25
George LeMieux0000
George Radanovich George Radanovich Wikipedia Bio0000
George Ryan George Ryan Wikipedia Bio1022perfect Presidential Ticket2012-07-10
George Voinovich George Voinovich Wikipedia Bio George Voinovich Facebook Page0000
Ginny Brown-Waite Ginny Brown-Waite Wikipedia Bio Ginny Brown-Waite Facebook Page0000
Greg Barkus1001
Haley Barbour Haley Barbour Wikipedia Bio Haley Barbour Facebook Page Haley Barbour Twitter Page10204Governor Haley Barbour Pardons 200+ On His Last Day 2019-12-15
Heather Wilson Heather Wilson Wikipedia Bio0000
Henry Brown Henry Brown Wikipedia Bio Henry Brown Facebook Page0000
Trey Radel Trey Radel Wikipedia Bio Trey Radel Facebook Page Trey Radel Twitter Page Trey Radel Youtube Page10138GOP Rep. Trey Radel Charged With Cocaine Possession2013-11-21
Gresham Barrett Gresham Barrett Wikipedia Bio Gresham Barrett Facebook Page Gresham Barrett Twitter Page0000
Jack Kingston Jack Kingston Wikipedia Bio0057Former Georgia Congressman Jack Kingson is a Vladimir Putin...2018-02-24
Jim Letten Jim Letten Wikipedia Bio0000
James Aiona James Aiona Wikipedia Bio James Aiona Facebook Page James Aiona Twitter Page0000
Jan Brewer Jan Brewer Wikipedia Bio616325Will Governor Brewer veto Arizona's new anti-gay law?2014-02-28
Janice Arnold-Jones Janice Arnold-Jones Wikipedia Bio Janice Arnold-Jones Facebook Page Janice Arnold-Jones Twitter Page1002
Jean Schmidt Jean Schmidt Wikipedia Bio0000
Jeb Bush Jeb Bush Wikipedia Bio Jeb Bush Twitter Page202329Polls for 2016 Presidential election2015-08-02
Jeffrey Chiesa Jeffrey Chiesa Wikipedia Bio Jeffrey Chiesa Twitter Page Jeffrey Chiesa Youtube Page0011Governor Christie Appoints Jeffrey Chiesa As Frank Lautenbe...2013-06-06
Jeff Landry Jeff Landry Wikipedia Bio0101
Jennifer Carroll Jennifer Carroll Wikipedia Bio1001
Jerry Lewis Jerry Lewis Wikipedia Bio2002
Jesse Helms Jesse Helms Wikipedia Bio0002
Jim Bunning Jim Bunning Wikipedia Bio0010The Hypocrisy of Jim Bunning's One Man Blockade2010-03-05
Jim Douglas Jim Douglas Wikipedia Bio Jim Douglas Facebook Page0000
Jim Gibbons Jim Gibbons Wikipedia Bio Jim Gibbons Facebook Page Jim Gibbons Twitter Page3004
Jim Greer Jim Greer Wikipedia Bio2003
Jo Ann Emerson Jo Ann Emerson Wikipedia Bio0000
Jo Bonner Jo Bonner Wikipedia Bio Jo Bonner Facebook Page Jo Bonner Twitter Page Jo Bonner Youtube Page0000
Jodi Rell Jodi Rell Wikipedia Bio0000
John Shadegg John Shadegg Wikipedia Bio John Shadegg Facebook Page John Shadegg Twitter Page0000
John Boehner John Boehner Wikipedia Bio John Boehner Facebook Page John Boehner Twitter Page John Boehner Youtube Page8029083Louie Gohmert for House Speakership?2021-02-27
John Cowdery John Cowdery Wikipedia Bio1001
John David Hayworth, Jr. John David Hayworth, Jr. Wikipedia Bio John David Hayworth, Jr. Facebook Page John David Hayworth, Jr. Twitter Page0002
John Ensign John Ensign Wikipedia Bio20710Rick Santorum and John Ensign2012-02-20
John G. Rowland John G. Rowland Wikipedia Bio3003
John H. Sununu John H. Sununu Wikipedia Bio00162Piers Morgan's interview with Governor Sununu2012-10-27
John Linder John Linder Wikipedia Bio0010John Linder says many people are turning down jobs in favor...2010-06-10
John MacGovern John MacGovern Wikipedia Bio0000
John Leopold John Leopold Wikipedia Bio1001
John Sullivan John Sullivan Wikipedia Bio John Sullivan Facebook Page John Sullivan Twitter Page1002
Jon Kyl Jon Kyl Wikipedia Bio0313Jon Kyl threatens to quit deficit super committee over defe...2011-09-08
Jon Huntsman Jon Huntsman Wikipedia Bio Jon Huntsman Facebook Page Jon Huntsman Twitter Page1054Huntsman Withdraws From The Race2012-01-16
Joseph Cao Joseph Cao Wikipedia Bio0001
Judd Gregg Judd Gregg Wikipedia Bio0000
Judy Biggert Judy Biggert Wikipedia Bio0000
Karen Handel Karen Handel Wikipedia Bio1002
Kay Bailey Hutchison Kay Bailey Hutchison Wikipedia Bio Kay Bailey Hutchison Twitter Page1042Kay Bailey's Resignation?2010-03-10
Ken Ard Ken Ard Wikipedia Bio1012Ken Ard resigns after stealing campaign funds2012-03-14
Ken Mehlman Ken Mehlman Wikipedia Bio0011Was Ken Mehlman's "coming out" a good thing or a bad thing...2011-11-26
kit bond kit bond Wikipedia Bio0034Missouri up for grabs?2010-05-27
Larry Craig Larry Craig Wikipedia Bio1024Did we ever figure out if Larry Craig was gay or not?2011-05-18
Lincoln Diaz-Balart Lincoln Diaz-Balart Wikipedia Bio Lincoln Diaz-Balart Facebook Page0000
Linda Lingle Linda Lingle Wikipedia Bio0002
Loy Mauch Loy Mauch Wikipedia Bio0003
Mark Siljander Mark Siljander Wikipedia Bio1001
Mark Souder Mark Souder Wikipedia Bio Mark Souder Facebook Page0001
Mark Foley Mark Foley Wikipedia Bio1024Mark Foley's IM Exchange With Underage Page...the actual tr...2011-05-18
Mark Neumann Mark Neumann Wikipedia Bio0000
Mark Shurtleff Mark Shurtleff Wikipedia Bio0027Senator Lee Caught up in Campaign Money Laundering Scandal2021-03-19
Mickey Edwards Mickey Edwards Wikipedia Bio0000
Mary Bono Mack Mary Bono Mack Wikipedia Bio Mary Bono Mack Twitter Page0001
Michael Duvall Michael Duvall Wikipedia Bio1002
Michael McConnell Michael McConnell Wikipedia Bio0000
Michael Castle Michael Castle Wikipedia Bio Michael Castle Facebook Page Michael Castle Twitter Page0000
Mike Huckabee Mike Huckabee Wikipedia Bio Mike Huckabee Facebook Page Mike Huckabee Twitter Page125627Huckabee said Kerrey's IRAN deal; is like sending Israel b...2016-05-17
Mike Johanns Mike Johanns Wikipedia Bio0010Alexander and Johanns continue the war against the middle c...2012-07-15
Mike Lofgren Mike Lofgren Wikipedia Bio0000
Mildred Fernandez1001
Mitch Daniels Mitch Daniels Wikipedia Bio0052Indiana Governor Signs Bill Allowing Citizens To Use Deadly...2012-04-03
Myrl Serra1001
Nan Hayworth Nan Hayworth Wikipedia Bio Nan Hayworth Facebook Page Nan Hayworth Youtube Page0000
Newt Gingrich Newt Gingrich Wikipedia Bio Newt Gingrich Facebook Page Newt Gingrich Twitter Page91517561Newt Gingrich's "welfare queen"2019-06-12
Olympia Snowe Olympia Snowe Wikipedia Bio Olympia Snowe Facebook Page Olympia Snowe Twitter Page0024Olympia Snowe Retiring from Senate2012-03-02
Paul Broun Paul Broun Wikipedia Bio02169Happy Darwin Day2020-05-31
Paul Stanley Paul Stanley Wikipedia Bio Paul Stanley Facebook Page Paul Stanley Twitter Page1002
Peter Hoekstra Peter Hoekstra Wikipedia Bio Peter Hoekstra Facebook Page Peter Hoekstra Twitter Page0031Pete Hoekstra's Racist Ad During Super Bowl2012-02-21
Phil Gingrey Phil Gingrey Wikipedia Bio0001
Pete Domenici Pete Domenici Wikipedia Bio1001
Duke Cunningham Duke Cunningham Wikipedia Bio1001
Rick Berg Rick Berg Wikipedia Bio1003
Richard Curtis Richard Curtis Wikipedia Bio1002
Richard Lugar Richard Lugar Wikipedia Bio Richard Lugar Youtube Page00291Is the Republican Party beyond redemption?2015-02-21
Richie Farmer Richie Farmer Wikipedia Bio1004
Rick Renzi Rick Renzi Wikipedia Bio1001
Rick Santorum Rick Santorum Wikipedia Bio Rick Santorum Facebook Page Rick Santorum Twitter Page31312053Senate day of shame and betrayal2012-12-04
Rick Sheehy Rick Sheehy Wikipedia Bio1001
Bob Bennett Bob Bennett Wikipedia Bio Bob Bennett Facebook Page Bob Bennett Twitter Page0102
Robert Gates Robert Gates Wikipedia Bio00204Gates bomb, and the show grows on2014-01-15
Bob Ney Bob Ney Wikipedia Bio1002
Bobby Schilling Bobby Schilling Wikipedia Bio Bobby Schilling Facebook Page Bobby Schilling Twitter Page Bobby Schilling Youtube Page0000
Bob Turner Bob Turner Wikipedia Bio Bob Turner Facebook Page0000
Ron Paul Ron Paul Wikipedia Bio Ron Paul Facebook Page Ron Paul Twitter Page106110How well do you know Ron Paul?2012-11-30
Ron Weiser Ron Weiser Wikipedia Bio0001
Roscoe Bartlett Roscoe Bartlett Wikipedia Bio0001
Roy Ashburn Roy Ashburn Wikipedia Bio1005
Rudy Giuliani Rudy Giuliani Wikipedia Bio309910Rudy Giuliani2021-07-14
Sandy Adams Sandy Adams Wikipedia Bio0000
Sarah Palin Sarah Palin Wikipedia Bio Sarah Palin Facebook Page Sarah Palin Twitter Page823226193Is there such a thing as a "Christian Caliphate?"2017-05-29
Saxby Chambliss Saxby Chambliss Wikipedia Bio0027Chambliss PAC still giving to Akin2012-10-21
Schaeffer Cox Schaeffer Cox Wikipedia Bio1001
Scott Brown Scott Brown Wikipedia Bio Scott Brown Facebook Page Scott Brown Twitter Page Scott Brown Youtube Page20429Scott Brown's Calculated Move to New Hampshire2014-11-05
Sean Parnell Sean Parnell Wikipedia Bio0012Parnell going against Alaskan Constitution2012-10-26
Sonny Perdue Sonny Perdue Wikipedia Bio0000
Spencer Bachus Spencer Bachus Wikipedia Bio10102The three different stories being told by the Ryan led House2012-04-23
Steve Austria Steve Austria Wikipedia Bio Steve Austria Facebook Page Steve Austria Twitter Page0000
Steve Buyer Steve Buyer Wikipedia Bio Steve Buyer Facebook Page0000
Steven LaTourette Steven LaTourette Wikipedia Bio Steven LaTourette Facebook Page Steven LaTourette Twitter Page0003
Sue Wagner Sue Wagner Wikipedia Bio0000
Sue Myrick Sue Myrick Wikipedia Bio0001
Scott Muschany Scott Muschany Wikipedia Bio1002
Theodore Stevens, Sr. Theodore Stevens, Sr. Wikipedia Bio1003
Terry Everett Terry Everett Wikipedia Bio0000
Thaddeus McCotter Thaddeus McCotter Wikipedia Bio0000
Thomas Petri Thomas Petri Wikipedia Bio0000
Tim Pawlenty Tim Pawlenty Wikipedia Bio Tim Pawlenty Facebook Page Tim Pawlenty Twitter Page00102Tim Pawlenty wants to reinstate DADT2012-09-11
Timothy Johnson Timothy Johnson Wikipedia Bio0000
Todd Kincannon Todd Kincannon Facebook Page Todd Kincannon Twitter Page1003
Todd Platts Todd Platts Wikipedia Bio0000
Todd Tiahrt Todd Tiahrt Wikipedia Bio Todd Tiahrt Facebook Page Todd Tiahrt Twitter Page0000
Tom Campbell Tom Campbell Wikipedia Bio0001
Tom DeLay Tom DeLay Wikipedia Bio1053Tom DeLay just won't go away2014-02-22
Tom Latham Tom Latham Wikipedia Bio0000
Tommy Thompson Tommy Thompson Wikipedia Bio0000
Trent Lott Trent Lott Wikipedia Bio2002
Vance McAllister Vance McAllister Wikipedia Bio103612Family Values Congressmen Caught Cheating on Wife2014-04-10
Vernon Ehlers Vernon Ehlers Wikipedia Bio Vernon Ehlers Facebook Page0000
Vito Fossella Vito Fossella Wikipedia Bio0002
Todd Akin Todd Akin Wikipedia Bio203015Todd Akin arrested at least 8 times at abortion clinic prot...2012-11-06
Wally Herger Wally Herger Wikipedia Bio0001
Bill Janklow Bill Janklow Wikipedia Bio0000
Joe Walsh Joe Walsh Wikipedia Bio Joe Walsh Facebook Page Joe Walsh Twitter Page50615Joe Walsh Slams Sandra Fluke2012-09-12
Bill Napoli Bill Napoli Wikipedia Bio0001
Zach Wamp Zach Wamp Wikipedia Bio Zach Wamp Facebook Page Zach Wamp Twitter Page0000