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Al Gore Al Gore Wikipedia Bio Al Gore Twitter Page354Global Warming is REAL --- music video, "I Need to Wake Up"2014-02-01
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Artur Davis Artur Davis Wikipedia Bio81Artur Davis Speech at RNC 2012-08-29
Barney Frank Barney Frank Wikipedia Bio136Repeal of Dodd/Frank2014-12-14
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Ben Nelson Ben Nelson Wikipedia Bio31Nelson is preparing an alternative to the health care manda...2012-05-06
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Beverly Perdue Beverly Perdue Wikipedia Bio20Can Perdue overcome her low approval rating and get reelect...2011-09-28
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Bob Kerrey Bob Kerrey Wikipedia Bio Bob Kerrey Facebook Page Bob Kerrey Twitter Page Bob Kerrey Youtube Page11Dem Seat at risk in Nebraska2012-07-15
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Brian Schweitzer Brian Schweitzer Wikipedia Bio Brian Schweitzer Facebook Page Brian Schweitzer Twitter Page11Schweitzer delivers great speech at DNC2012-09-07
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Carl Levin Carl Levin Wikipedia Bio35oil tar sands2013-03-04
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Chris Dodd Chris Dodd Wikipedia Bio Chris Dodd Facebook Page Chris Dodd Twitter Page60Repeal of Dodd/Frank2014-12-14
Christine Gregoire Christine Gregoire Wikipedia Bio30Ken Salazar stepping down as Interior Secretary2013-01-16
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Daniel Akaka Daniel Akaka Wikipedia Bio Daniel Akaka Facebook Page Daniel Akaka Youtube Page12Daniel Akaka to retire this year.2012-04-28
Daniel Inouye Daniel Inouye Wikipedia Bio Daniel Inouye Youtube Page62Hawaii Senator Daniel Inouye (1924-2012), in office since '...2012-12-19
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Dennis Kucinich Dennis Kucinich Wikipedia Bio Dennis Kucinich Facebook Page Dennis Kucinich Twitter Page90heartbreaking2013-10-23
Dennis Moore Dennis Moore Wikipedia Bio Dennis Moore Facebook Page20Stephene Moore For Congress2010-04-07
Deval Patrick Deval Patrick Wikipedia Bio41Deval Patrick - Governor of MA2013-01-31
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Ed Rendell Ed Rendell Wikipedia Bio Ed Rendell Facebook Page Ed Rendell Twitter Page11America: A Nation of Wusses2013-02-09
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Frank Lautenberg Frank Lautenberg Wikipedia Bio Frank Lautenberg Facebook Page Frank Lautenberg Twitter Page Frank Lautenberg Youtube Page62New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg dies at age 892013-06-03
Gabrielle Giffords Gabrielle Giffords Wikipedia Bio Gabrielle Giffords Facebook Page26Barber wins special election to replace Giffords2012-06-13
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Heath Shuler Heath Shuler Wikipedia Bio00
Herb Kohl Herb Kohl Wikipedia Bio21Herb Kohl speaks out on the Buffet Rule vote.2012-04-30
Howard Berman Howard Berman Wikipedia Bio00
Ike Skelton Ike Skelton Wikipedia Bio Ike Skelton Facebook Page Ike Skelton Twitter Page00
Jimmy Carter Jimmy Carter Wikipedia Bio324Jimmy Carter, the GREATEST president EVER2019-10-11
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Jane Harman Jane Harman Wikipedia Bio00
Jason Altmire Jason Altmire Wikipedia Bio00
Jay Rockefeller Jay Rockefeller Wikipedia Bio11Rockefeller asks Obama to speed up Afghan troop removal2012-04-29
Jeff Bingaman Jeff Bingaman Wikipedia Bio11Bingaman and Udall introduce legislation to protect2012-04-29
Jennifer Granholm Jennifer Granholm Wikipedia Bio Jennifer Granholm Facebook Page Jennifer Granholm Twitter Page01
Jerry Costello Jerry Costello Wikipedia Bio00
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Jesse Jackson Jr. Jesse Jackson Jr. Wikipedia Bio00
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Jim Webb Jim Webb Wikipedia Bio14Webb says it may be hard for Obama to carry Virginia this y...2012-04-30
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John Kitzhaber John Kitzhaber Wikipedia Bio John Kitzhaber Facebook Page John Kitzhaber Twitter Page John Kitzhaber Youtube Page12Oregon Governor Imposes Moratorium on death penalty for res...2011-11-24
John Baldacci John Baldacci Wikipedia Bio00
John Barrow John Barrow Wikipedia Bio14Rep. John Barrow Tries to Stop Gerrymandering!2013-01-29
John Glenn John Glenn Wikipedia Bio10John Glenn, one of the few non-lawyers to be in Congress2013-07-10
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John Lynch John Lynch Wikipedia Bio21Road repair2012-07-19
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John Murtha John Murtha Wikipedia Bio John Murtha Facebook Page00
John R. Gregg John R. Gregg Wikipedia Bio10Indiana Gubernatorial Election Discussion2012-11-06
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Kathy Hochul Kathy Hochul Wikipedia Bio00
Kay Hagan Kay Hagan Wikipedia Bio73Well, Kay Hagan lost The Race. What's Next for NC?2014-11-11
Kendrick Meek Kendrick Meek Wikipedia Bio Kendrick Meek Facebook Page Kendrick Meek Twitter Page00
Kent Conrad Kent Conrad Wikipedia Bio Kent Conrad Youtube Page11Kent Conrad suggests that Obama play around GOP tactics.2012-04-29
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Mark Begich Mark Begich Wikipedia Bio Mark Begich Facebook Page Mark Begich Twitter Page Mark Begich Youtube Page64Begich plays offense on Social Security2012-12-02
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Mark Pryor Mark Pryor Wikipedia Bio10Impersonator sells congressional intern spot to Girls Gone...2012-04-28
Mark Critz Mark Critz Wikipedia Bio00
Mark Udall Mark Udall Wikipedia Bio14Udall amendment to restore green energy funding for Armed S...2012-11-29
Mary Jo Kilroy Mary Jo Kilroy Wikipedia Bio Mary Jo Kilroy Facebook Page Mary Jo Kilroy Twitter Page00
Mary Landrieu Mary Landrieu Wikipedia Bio174Democrats lost another seat2014-12-07
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Mike Beebe Mike Beebe Wikipedia Bio12Is Mike Beebe responsbile for financial turn around in Arka...2011-11-24
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Neil Abercrombie Neil Abercrombie Wikipedia Bio13Hawaii Governor secures millions for education, health and...2012-05-01
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Parker Griffith Parker Griffith Wikipedia Bio07
Pat Quinn Pat Quinn Wikipedia Bio74Illinois Gov Pat Quinn 'Can't Get No Respect'2014-11-04
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Pete Stark Pete Stark Wikipedia Bio61National Day of Reason!2012-05-05
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Ron Barber Ron Barber Wikipedia Bio11Barber wins special election to replace Giffords2012-06-13
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Shelley Berkley Shelley Berkley Wikipedia Bio11Heller and Berkley are polar opposites in Nevada race2012-10-21
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Tim Johnson Tim Johnson Wikipedia Bio11Johnson pushes for House Republicans to pass Farm Bill2012-11-29
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Tom Harkin Tom Harkin Wikipedia Bio26Rebuild America Act2012-04-28
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Walter Dalton Walter Dalton Wikipedia Bio10North Carolina Gubernatorial Election Discussion2012-11-05
Mo Cowan Mo Cowan Wikipedia Bio Mo Cowan Facebook Page Mo Cowan Twitter Page10Out steps John Kerry, In steps Mo Cowan (for a bit anways)2013-02-08
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