Opinion Articles & Editorials Written By Elizabeth Kolbert

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04/12/17Earth Day in the Age of Trumpnewyorker.com
Next week, millions of Americans will celebrate Earth Day, even though, three months into Donald Trump’s Presidency, there sure isn’t much to celebrate. A White House characterized by flaming incompetence has nevertheless managed to do one thing effectively: it has trashed years’ worth of work to protect the planet. As David Horsey put it recently, in the Los Angeles Times, “Donald Trump’s foreign policy and legislative agenda may be a confused mess,” but “his administration’s attack on the environment is operating with the...
11/30/15Unsafe Climatesnewyorker.com
In Syria, the rainy season begins in November and ends in April. Only a third of the country’s farms have irrigation systems; the rest depend on what the season supplies them with, which, even in good years, isn’t all that much. The northeasternmost province of Al Hasakah, where much of Syria’s wheat is grown, receives an average of about eleven inches of rain a year, which is what New York is likely to get between Labor Day and Thanksgiving.