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  • Congressional Hopeful Humbly Omitted His Decorated Past
    After Seth Moulton beat out sitting Representative John Tierney in the primary for the Democratic spot on Massachusetts’ ballot for the 6th District House Seat last month, reporters started to dig into to the past of this relatively unknown candidate and ended up with a refreshing surprise.

2014 House Elections Guide - Tuesday, November 4, 2014

2014 House [AL-01]AlabamaBradley Byrne (R) Bradley Byrne Wikipedia Page6.800
2014 House [AL-02]AlabamaMartha Roby (R) Martha Roby Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [AL-03]AlabamaMike Rogers (R) Mike Rogers Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [AL-04]AlabamaRobert Aderholt (R) Robert Aderholt Wikipedia Page23.800
2014 House [AL-05]AlabamaMo Brooks (R) Mo Brooks Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [AL-06]AlabamaSpencer Bachus (R) Spencer Bachus Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [AL-07]AlabamaTerri Sewell (D) Terri Sewell Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [AK-01]AlaskaDon Young (R) Don Young Wikipedia Page47.600
2014 House [AZ-01]ArizonaAnn Kirkpatrick (D) Ann Kirkpatrick Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [AZ-02]ArizonaRon Barber (D) Ron Barber Wikipedia Page8.400
2014 House [AZ-03]ArizonaRaul Grijalva (D) Raul Grijalva Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [AZ-04]ArizonaPaul Gosar (R) Paul Gosar Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [AZ-05]ArizonaMatt Salmon (R) Matt Salmon Wikipedia Page25.800
2014 House [AZ-06]ArizonaDavid Schweikert (R) David Schweikert Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [AZ-07]ArizonaEd Pastor (D) Ed Pastor Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [AZ-08]ArizonaTrent Franks (R) Trent Franks Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [AZ-09]ArizonaKyrsten Sinema (D) Kyrsten Sinema Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [AR-01]ArkansasRick Crawford (R) Rick Crawford Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [AR-02]ArkansasTim Griffin (R) Tim Griffin Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [AR-03]ArkansasSteve Womack (R) Steve Womack Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [AR-04]ArkansasTom Cotton (R) Tom Cotton Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [CA-01]CaliforniaDoug LaMalfa (R) Doug LaMalfa Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [CA-02]CaliforniaJared Huffman (D) Jared Huffman Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [CA-03]CaliforniaJohn Garamendi (D) John Garamendi Wikipedia Page1100
2014 House [CA-04]CaliforniaTom McClintock (R) Tom McClintock Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [CA-05]CaliforniaMike Thompson (D) Mike Thompson Wikipedia Page21.800
2014 House [CA-06]CaliforniaDoris Matsui (D) Doris Matsui Wikipedia Page15.600
2014 House [CA-07]CaliforniaAmi Bera (D) Ami Bera Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [CA-08]CaliforniaPaul Cook (R) Paul Cook Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [CA-09]CaliforniaJerry McNerney (D) Jerry McNerney Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [CA-10]CaliforniaJeff Denham (R) Jeff Denham Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [CA-11]CaliforniaGeorge Miller (D) George Miller Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [CA-12]CaliforniaNancy Pelosi (D) Nancy Pelosi Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [CA-13]CaliforniaBarbara Lee (D) Barbara Lee Wikipedia Page22.600
2014 House [CA-14]CaliforniaJackie Speier (D) Jackie Speier Wikipedia Page12.600
2014 House [CA-15]CaliforniaEric Swalwell (D) Eric Swalwell Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [CA-16]CaliforniaJim Costa (D) Jim Costa Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [CA-17]CaliforniaMichael Honda (D) Michael Honda Wikipedia Page19.800
2014 House [CA-18]CaliforniaAnna Eshoo (D) Anna Eshoo Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [CA-19]CaliforniaZoe Lofgren (D) Zoe Lofgren Wikipedia Page25.800
2014 House [CA-20]CaliforniaSam Farr (D) Sam Farr Wikipedia Page27.400
2014 House [CA-21]CaliforniaDavid Valadao (R) David Valadao Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [CA-22]CaliforniaDevin Nunes (R) Devin Nunes Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [CA-23]CaliforniaKevin McCarthy (R) Kevin McCarthy Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [CA-24]CaliforniaLois Capps (D) Lois Capps Wikipedia Page22.600
2014 House [CA-25]CaliforniaBuck McKeon (R) Buck McKeon Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [CA-26]CaliforniaJulia Brownley (D) Julia Brownley Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [CA-27]CaliforniaJudy Chu (D) Judy Chu Wikipedia Page11.300
2014 House [CA-28]CaliforniaAdam Schiff (D) Adam Schiff Wikipedia Page19.800
2014 House [CA-29]CaliforniaTony Cardenas (D) Tony Cardenas Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [CA-30]CaliforniaBrad Sherman (D) Brad Sherman Wikipedia Page23.800
2014 House [CA-31]CaliforniaGary Miller (R) Gary Miller Wikipedia Page21.800
2014 House [CA-32]CaliforniaGrace Napolitano (D) Grace Napolitano Wikipedia Page21.800
2014 House [CA-33]CaliforniaHenry Waxman (D) Henry Waxman Wikipedia Page45.800
2014 House [CA-34]CaliforniaXavier Becerra (D) Xavier Becerra Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [CA-35]CaliforniaGloria Negrete McLeod (D) Gloria Negrete McLeod Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [CA-36]CaliforniaRaul Ruiz (D) Raul Ruiz Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [CA-37]CaliforniaKaren Bass (D) Karen Bass Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [CA-38]CaliforniaLinda Sanchez (D) Linda Sanchez Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [CA-39]CaliforniaEdward Royce (R) Edward Royce Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [CA-40]CaliforniaLucille Roybal-Allard (D) Lucille Roybal-Allard Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [CA-41]CaliforniaMark Takano (D) Mark Takano Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [CA-42]CaliforniaKen Calvert (R) Ken Calvert Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [CA-43]CaliforniaMaxine Waters (D) Maxine Waters Wikipedia Page29.800
2014 House [CA-44]CaliforniaJanice Hahn (D) Janice Hahn Wikipedia Page9.300
2014 House [CA-45]CaliforniaJohn Campbell (R) John Campbell Wikipedia Page14.900
2014 House [CA-46]CaliforniaLoretta Sanchez (D) Loretta Sanchez Wikipedia Page23.800
2014 House [CA-47]CaliforniaAlan Lowenthal (D) Alan Lowenthal Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [CA-48]CaliforniaDana Rohrabacher (R) Dana Rohrabacher Wikipedia Page31.800
2014 House [CA-49]CaliforniaDarrell Issa (R) Darrell Issa Wikipedia Page19.880
2014 House [CA-50]CaliforniaDuncan Hunter (R) Duncan Hunter Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [CA-51]CaliforniaJuan Vargas (D) Juan Vargas Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [CA-52]CaliforniaScott Peters (D) Scott Peters Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [CA-53]CaliforniaSusan Davis (D) Susan Davis Wikipedia Page19.800
2014 House [CO-01]ColoradoDiana DeGette (D) Diana DeGette Wikipedia Page23.800
2014 House [CO-02]ColoradoJared Polis (D) Jared Polis Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [CO-03]ColoradoScott Tipton (R) Scott Tipton Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [CO-04]ColoradoCory Gardner (R) Cory Gardner Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [CO-05]ColoradoDoug Lamborn (R) Doug Lamborn Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [CO-06]ColoradoMike Coffman (R) Mike Coffman Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [CO-07]ColoradoEd Perlmutter (D) Ed Perlmutter Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [CT-01]ConnecticutJohn Larson (D) John Larson Wikipedia Page21.800
2014 House [CT-02]ConnecticutJoe Courtney (D) Joe Courtney Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [CT-03]ConnecticutRosa DeLauro (D) Rosa DeLauro Wikipedia Page29.800
2014 House [CT-04]ConnecticutJames Himes (D) James Himes Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [CT-05]ConnecticutElizabeth Esty (D) Elizabeth Esty Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [DE-01]DelawareJohn Carney (D) John Carney Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [FL-01]FloridaJeff Miller (R) Jeff Miller Wikipedia Page1900
2014 House [FL-02]FloridaSteve Southerland (R) Steve Southerland Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [FL-03]FloridaTed Yoho (R) Ted Yoho Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [FL-04]FloridaAnder Crenshaw (R) Ander Crenshaw Wikipedia Page19.800
2014 House [FL-05]FloridaCorrine Brown (D) Corrine Brown Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [FL-06]FloridaRon DeSantis (R) Ron DeSantis Wikipedia Page1.800
2014 House [FL-07]FloridaJohn Mica (R) John Mica Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [FL-08]FloridaBill Posey (R) Bill Posey Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [FL-09]FloridaAlan Grayson (D) Alan Grayson Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [FL-10]FloridaDan Webster (R) Dan Webster Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [FL-11]FloridaRich Nugent (R) Rich Nugent Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [FL-12]FloridaGus Bilirakis (R) Gus Bilirakis Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [FL-13]FloridaDavid Jolly (R) David Jolly Wikipedia Page6.600
2014 House [FL-14]FloridaKathy Castor (D) Kathy Castor Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [FL-15]FloridaDennis Ross (R) Dennis Ross Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [FL-16]FloridaVern Buchanan (R) Vern Buchanan Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [FL-17]FloridaThomas Rooney (R) Thomas Rooney Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [FL-18]FloridaPatrick Murphy (D) Patrick Murphy Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [FL-19]FloridaCurt Clawson (R) Curt Clawson Wikipedia Page6.300
2014 House [FL-20]FloridaAlcee Hastings (D) Alcee Hastings Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [FL-21]FloridaTed Deutch (D) Ted Deutch Wikipedia Page10.500
2014 House [FL-22]FloridaLois Frankel (D) Lois Frankel Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [FL-23]FloridaDebbie Schultz (D) Debbie Schultz Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [FL-24]FloridaFrederica Wilson (D) Frederica Wilson Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [FL-25]FloridaMario Diaz-Balart (R) Mario Diaz-Balart Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [FL-26]FloridaJoe Garcia (D) Joe Garcia Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [FL-27]FloridaIleana Ros-Lehtinen (R) Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Wikipedia Page31.200
2014 House [GA-01]GeorgiaJack Kingston (R) Jack Kingston Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [GA-02]GeorgiaSanford Bishop (D) Sanford Bishop Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [GA-03]GeorgiaLynn Westmoreland (R) Lynn Westmoreland Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [GA-04]GeorgiaHank Johnson (D) Hank Johnson Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [GA-05]GeorgiaJohn Lewis (D) John Lewis Wikipedia Page33.800
2014 House [GA-06]GeorgiaTom Price (R) Tom Price Wikipedia Page3.700
2014 House [GA-07]GeorgiaRobert Woodall (R) Robert Woodall Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [GA-08]GeorgiaAustin Scott (R) Austin Scott Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [GA-09]GeorgiaDoug Collins (R) Doug Collins Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [GA-10]GeorgiaPaul Broun (R) Paul Broun Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [GA-11]GeorgiaPhil Gingrey (R) Phil Gingrey Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [GA-12]GeorgiaJohn Barrow (D) John Barrow Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [GA-13]GeorgiaDavid Scott (D) David Scott Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [GA-14]GeorgiaTom Graves (R) Tom Graves Wikipedia Page10.400
2014 House [HI-01]HawaiiColleen Hanabusa (D) Colleen Hanabusa Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [HI-02]HawaiiTulsi Gabbard (D) Tulsi Gabbard Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [ID-01]IdahoRaul Labrador (R) Raul Labrador Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [ID-02]IdahoMichael Simpson (R) Michael Simpson Wikipedia Page21.800
2014 House [IL-01]IllinoisBobby Rush (D) Bobby Rush Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [IL-02]IllinoisRobin Kelly (D) Robin Kelly Wikipedia Page7.600
2014 House [IL-03]IllinoisDaniel Lipinski (D) Daniel Lipinski Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [IL-04]IllinoisLuis Gutierrez (D) Luis Gutierrez Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [IL-05]IllinoisMike Quigley (D) Mike Quigley Wikipedia Page11.500
2014 House [IL-06]IllinoisPeter Roskam (R) Peter Roskam Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [IL-07]IllinoisDanny Davis (D) Danny Davis Wikipedia Page23.800
2014 House [IL-08]IllinoisTammy Duckworth (D) Tammy Duckworth Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [IL-09]IllinoisJan Schakowsky (D) Jan Schakowsky Wikipedia Page21.800
2014 House [IL-10]IllinoisBrad Schneider (D) Brad Schneider Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [IL-11]IllinoisBill Foster (D) Bill Foster Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [IL-12]IllinoisWilliam Enyart (D) William Enyart Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [IL-13]IllinoisRodney Davis (R) Rodney Davis Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [IL-14]IllinoisRandy Hultgren (R) Randy Hultgren Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [IL-15]IllinoisJohn Shimkus (R) John Shimkus Wikipedia Page23.800
2014 House [IL-16]IllinoisAdam Kinzinger (R) Adam Kinzinger Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [IL-17]IllinoisCheri Bustos (D) Cheri Bustos Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [IL-18]IllinoisAaron Schock (R) Aaron Schock Wikipedia Page5.600
2014 House [IN-01]IndianaPeter Visclosky (D) Peter Visclosky Wikipedia Page35.800
2014 House [IN-02]IndianaJackie Walorski (R) Jackie Walorski Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [IN-03]IndianaMarlin Stutzman (R) Marlin Stutzman Wikipedia Page1000
2014 House [IN-04]IndianaTodd Rokita (R) Todd Rokita Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [IN-05]IndianaSusan Brooks (R) Susan Brooks Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [IN-06]IndianaLuke Messer (R) Luke Messer Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [IN-07]IndianaAndre Carson (D) Andre Carson Wikipedia Page12.600
2014 House [IN-08]IndianaLarry Bucshon (R) Larry Bucshon Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [IN-09]IndianaTodd Young (R) Todd Young Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [IA-01]IowaBruce Braley (D) Bruce Braley Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [IA-02]IowaDavid Loebsack (D) David Loebsack Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [IA-03]IowaTom Latham (R) Tom Latham Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [IA-04]IowaSteve King (R) Steve King Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [KS-01]KansasTim Huelskamp (R) Tim Huelskamp Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [KS-02]KansasLynn Jenkins (R) Lynn Jenkins Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [KS-03]KansasKevin Yoder (R) Kevin Yoder Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [KS-04]KansasMike Pompeo (R) Mike Pompeo Wikipedia Page2.500
2014 House [KY-01]KentuckyEd Whitfield (R) Ed Whitfield Wikipedia Page25.800
2014 House [KY-02]KentuckyBrett Guthrie (R) Brett Guthrie Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [KY-03]KentuckyJohn Yarmuth (D) John Yarmuth Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [KY-04]KentuckyThomas Massie (R) Thomas Massie Wikipedia Page800
2014 House [KY-05]KentuckyHal Rogers (R) Hal Rogers Wikipedia Page39.800
2014 House [KY-06]KentuckyAndy Barr (R) Andy Barr Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [LA-01]LouisianaSteve Scalise (R) Steve Scalise Wikipedia Page12.500
2014 House [LA-02]LouisianaCedric Richmond (D) Cedric Richmond Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [LA-03]LouisianaCharles Boustany (R) Charles Boustany Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [LA-04]LouisianaJohn Fleming (R) John Fleming Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [LA-05]LouisianaVance McAllister (R) Vance McAllister Wikipedia Page6.900
2014 House [LA-06]LouisianaBill Cassidy (R) Bill Cassidy Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [ME-01]MaineChellie Pingree (D) Chellie Pingree Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [ME-02]MaineMike Michaud (D) Mike Michaud Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [MD-01]MarylandAndy Harris (R) Andy Harris Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [MD-02]MarylandDutch Ruppersberger (D) Dutch Ruppersberger Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [MD-03]MarylandJohn Sarbanes (D) John Sarbanes Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [MD-04]MarylandDonna Edwards (D) Donna Edwards Wikipedia Page12.400
2014 House [MD-05]MarylandSteny Hoyer (D) Steny Hoyer Wikipedia Page39.400
2014 House [MD-06]MarylandJohn Delaney (D) John Delaney Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [MD-07]MarylandElijah Cummings (D) Elijah Cummings Wikipedia Page23.500
2014 House [MD-08]MarylandChris Van Hollen (D) Chris Van Hollen Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [MA-01]MassachusettsRichard Neal (D) Richard Neal Wikipedia Page31.800
2014 House [MA-02]MassachusettsJim McGovern (D) Jim McGovern Wikipedia Page23.800
2014 House [MA-03]MassachusettsNiki Tsongas (D) Niki Tsongas Wikipedia Page1300
2014 House [MA-04]MassachusettsJoe Kennedy (D) Joe Kennedy Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [MA-05]MassachusettsKatherine Clark (D) Katherine Clark Wikipedia Page6.900
2014 House [MA-06]MassachusettsJohn Tierney (D) John Tierney Wikipedia Page23.863
2014 House [MA-07]MassachusettsMike Capuano (D) Mike Capuano Wikipedia Page21.800
2014 House [MA-08]MassachusettsStephen Lynch (D) Stephen Lynch Wikipedia Page1900
2014 House [MA-09]MassachusettsWilliam Keating (D) William Keating Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [MI-01]MichiganDan Benishek (R) Dan Benishek Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [MI-02]MichiganBill Huizenga (R) Bill Huizenga Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [MI-03]MichiganJustin Amash (R) Justin Amash Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [MI-04]MichiganDave Camp (R) Dave Camp Wikipedia Page29.800
2014 House [MI-05]MichiganDan Kildee (D) Dan Kildee Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [MI-06]MichiganFred Upton (R) Fred Upton Wikipedia Page33.800
2014 House [MI-07]MichiganTim Walberg (R) Tim Walberg Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [MI-08]MichiganMike Rogers (R) Mike Rogers Wikipedia Page19.800
2014 House [MI-09]MichiganSander Levin (D) Sander Levin Wikipedia Page37.800
2014 House [MI-10]MichiganCandice Miller (R) Candice Miller Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [MI-11]MichiganKerry Bentivolio (R) Kerry Bentivolio Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [MI-12]MichiganJohn Dingell (D) John Dingell Wikipedia Page54.900
2014 House [MI-13]MichiganJohn Conyers (D) John Conyers Wikipedia Page55.800
2014 House [MI-14]MichiganGary Peters (D) Gary Peters Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [MN-01]MinnesotaTim Walz (D) Tim Walz Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [MN-02]MinnesotaJohn Kline (R) John Kline Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [MN-03]MinnesotaErik Paulsen (R) Erik Paulsen Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [MN-04]MinnesotaBetty McCollum (D) Betty McCollum Wikipedia Page19.800
2014 House [MN-05]MinnesotaKeith Ellison (D) Keith Ellison Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [MN-06]MinnesotaMichele Bachmann (R) Michele Bachmann Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [MN-07]MinnesotaCollin Peterson (D) Collin Peterson Wikipedia Page29.800
2014 House [MN-08]MinnesotaRick Nolan (D) Rick Nolan Wikipedia Page45.800
2014 House [MS-01]MississippiAlan Nunnelee (R) Alan Nunnelee Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [MS-02]MississippiBennie Thompson (D) Bennie Thompson Wikipedia Page27.500
2014 House [MS-03]MississippiGregg Harper (R) Gregg Harper Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [MS-04]MississippiSteven Palazzo (R) Steven Palazzo Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [MO-01]MissouriLacy Clay (D) Lacy Clay Wikipedia Page19.800
2014 House [MO-02]MissouriAnn Wagner (R) Ann Wagner Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [MO-03]MissouriBlaine Luetkemeyer (R) Blaine Luetkemeyer Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [MO-04]MissouriVicky Hartzler (R) Vicky Hartzler Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [MO-05]MissouriEmanuel Cleaver (D) Emanuel Cleaver Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [MO-06]MissouriSam Graves (R) Sam Graves Wikipedia Page19.800
2014 House [MO-07]MissouriBilly Long (R) Billy Long Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [MO-08]MissouriJason Smith (R) Jason Smith Wikipedia Page7.400
2014 House [MT-01]MontanaSteve Daines (R) Steve Daines Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [NE-01]NebraskaJeff Fortenberry (R) Jeff Fortenberry Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [NE-02]NebraskaLee Terry (R) Lee Terry Wikipedia Page21.800
2014 House [NE-03]NebraskaAdrian Smith (R) Adrian Smith Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [NV-01]NevadaDina Titus (D) Dina Titus Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [NV-02]NevadaMark Amodei (R) Mark Amodei Wikipedia Page9.100
2014 House [NV-03]NevadaJoe Heck (R) Joe Heck Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [NV-04]NevadaSteven Horsford (D) Steven Horsford Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [NH-01]New HampshireCarol Shea-Porter (D) Carol Shea-Porter Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [NH-02]New HampshireAnnie Kuster (D) Annie Kuster Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [NJ-01]New JerseyRobert Andrews (D) Robert Andrews Wikipedia Page6.700
2014 House [NJ-02]New JerseyFrank LoBiondo (R) Frank LoBiondo Wikipedia Page25.800
2014 House [NJ-03]New JerseyJon Runyan (R) Jon Runyan Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [NJ-04]New JerseyChristopher Smith (R) Christopher Smith Wikipedia Page39.800
2014 House [NJ-05]New JerseyScott Garrett (R) Scott Garrett Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [NJ-06]New JerseyFrank Pallone (D) Frank Pallone Wikipedia Page3200
2014 House [NJ-07]New JerseyLeonard Lance (R) Leonard Lance Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [NJ-08]New JerseyAlbio Sires (D) Albio Sires Wikipedia Page1400
2014 House [NJ-09]New JerseyBill Pascrell (D) Bill Pascrell Wikipedia Page23.800
2014 House [NJ-10]New JerseyDonald Payne, Jr. (D) Donald Payne, Jr. Wikipedia Page800
2014 House [NJ-11]New JerseyRodney Frelinghuysen (R) Rodney Frelinghuysen Wikipedia Page25.800
2014 House [NJ-12]New JerseyRush Holt (D) Rush Holt Wikipedia Page21.800
2014 House [NM-01]New MexicoMichelle Lujan Grisham (D) Michelle Lujan Grisham Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [NM-02]New MexicoSteve Pearce (R) Steve Pearce Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [NM-03]New MexicoBen Ray Lujan (D) Ben Ray Lujan Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [NY-01]New YorkTimothy Bishop (D) Timothy Bishop Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [NY-02]New YorkPeter King (R) Peter King Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [NY-03]New YorkSteve Israel (D) Steve Israel Wikipedia Page19.800
2014 House [NY-04]New YorkCarolyn McCarthy (D) Carolyn McCarthy Wikipedia Page23.800
2014 House [NY-05]New YorkGregory Meeks (D) Gregory Meeks Wikipedia Page22.700
2014 House [NY-06]New YorkGrace Meng (D) Grace Meng Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [NY-07]New YorkNydia Velazquez (D) Nydia Velazquez Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [NY-08]New YorkHakeem Jeffries (D) Hakeem Jeffries Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [NY-09]New YorkYvette Clarke (D) Yvette Clarke Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [NY-10]New YorkJerrold Nadler (D) Jerrold Nadler Wikipedia Page2800
2014 House [NY-11]New YorkMichael Grimm (R) Michael Grimm Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [NY-12]New YorkCarolyn Maloney (D) Carolyn Maloney Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [NY-13]New YorkCharlie Rangel (D) Charlie Rangel Wikipedia Page47.800
2014 House [NY-14]New YorkJoseph Crowley (D) Joseph Crowley Wikipedia Page21.800
2014 House [NY-15]New YorkJose Serrano (D) Jose Serrano Wikipedia Page30.600
2014 House [NY-16]New YorkEliot Engel (D) Eliot Engel Wikipedia Page31.800
2014 House [NY-17]New YorkNita Lowey (D) Nita Lowey Wikipedia Page31.800
2014 House [NY-18]New YorkSean Patrick Maloney (D) Sean Patrick Maloney Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [NY-19]New YorkChris Gibson (R) Chris Gibson Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [NY-20]New YorkPaul Tonko (D) Paul Tonko Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [NY-21]New YorkBill Owens (D) Bill Owens Wikipedia Page1100
2014 House [NY-22]New YorkRichard Hanna (R) Richard Hanna Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [NY-23]New YorkTom Reed (R) Tom Reed Wikipedia Page1000
2014 House [NY-24]New YorkDan Maffei (D) Dan Maffei Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [NY-25]New YorkLouise Slaughter (D) Louise Slaughter Wikipedia Page33.800
2014 House [NY-26]New YorkBrian Higgins (D) Brian Higgins Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [NY-27]New YorkChris Collins (R) Chris Collins Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [NC-01]North CarolinaG. K. Butterfield (D) G. K. Butterfield Wikipedia Page16.300
2014 House [NC-02]North CarolinaRenee Ellmers (R) Renee Ellmers Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [NC-03]North CarolinaWalter Jones (R) Walter Jones Wikipedia Page25.800
2014 House [NC-04]North CarolinaDavid Price (D) David Price Wikipedia Page33.800
2014 House [NC-05]North CarolinaVirginia Foxx (R) Virginia Foxx Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [NC-06]North CarolinaHoward Coble (R) Howard Coble Wikipedia Page35.800
2014 House [NC-07]North CarolinaMike McIntyre (D) Mike McIntyre Wikipedia Page23.800
2014 House [NC-08]North CarolinaRichard Hudson (R) Richard Hudson Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [NC-09]North CarolinaRobert Pittenger (R) Robert Pittenger Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [NC-10]North CarolinaPatrick McHenry (R) Patrick McHenry Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [NC-11]North CarolinaMark Meadows (R) Mark Meadows Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [NC-12]North CarolinaMel Watt (D) Mel Watt Wikipedia Page6.800
2014 House [NC-13]North CarolinaGeorge Holding (R) George Holding Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [ND-01]North DakotaKevin Cramer (R) Kevin Cramer Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [OH-01]OhioSteve Chabot (R) Steve Chabot Wikipedia Page25.800
2014 House [OH-02]OhioBrad Wenstrup (R) Brad Wenstrup Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [OH-03]OhioJoyce Beatty (D) Joyce Beatty Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [OH-04]OhioJim Jordan (R) Jim Jordan Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [OH-05]OhioRobert Latta (R) Robert Latta Wikipedia Page12.900
2014 House [OH-06]OhioBill Johnson (R) Bill Johnson Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [OH-07]OhioBob Gibbs (R) Bob Gibbs Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [OH-08]OhioJohn Boehner (R) John Boehner Wikipedia Page500
2014 House [OH-09]OhioMarcy Kaptur (D) Marcy Kaptur Wikipedia Page37.800
2014 House [OH-10]OhioMike Turner (R) Mike Turner Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [OH-11]OhioMarcia Fudge (D) Marcia Fudge Wikipedia Page11.900
2014 House [OH-12]OhioPatrick Tiberi (R) Patrick Tiberi Wikipedia Page19.800
2014 House [OH-13]OhioTim Ryan (D) Tim Ryan Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [OH-14]OhioDavid Joyce (R) David Joyce Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [OH-15]OhioSteve Stivers (R) Steve Stivers Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [OH-16]OhioJim Renacci (R) Jim Renacci Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [OK-01]OklahomaJim Bridenstine (R) Jim Bridenstine Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [OK-02]OklahomaMarkwayne Mullin (R) Markwayne Mullin Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [OK-03]OklahomaFrank Lucas (R) Frank Lucas Wikipedia Page26.500
2014 House [OK-04]OklahomaTom Cole (R) Tom Cole Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [OK-05]OklahomaJames Lankford (R) James Lankford Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [OR-01]OregonSuzanne Bonamici (D) Suzanne Bonamici Wikipedia Page8.700
2014 House [OR-02]OregonGreg Walden (R) Greg Walden Wikipedia Page21.800
2014 House [OR-03]OregonEarl Blumenauer (D) Earl Blumenauer Wikipedia Page24.400
2014 House [OR-04]OregonPeter DeFazio (D) Peter DeFazio Wikipedia Page33.800
2014 House [OR-05]OregonKurt Schrader (D) Kurt Schrader Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [PA-01]PennsylvaniaRobert Brady (D) Robert Brady Wikipedia Page22.400
2014 House [PA-02]PennsylvaniaChaka Fattah (D) Chaka Fattah Wikipedia Page25.800
2014 House [PA-03]PennsylvaniaMike Kelly (R) Mike Kelly Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [PA-04]PennsylvaniaScott Perry (R) Scott Perry Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [PA-05]PennsylvaniaGlenn Thompson (R) Glenn Thompson Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [PA-06]PennsylvaniaJim Gerlach (R) Jim Gerlach Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [PA-07]PennsylvaniaPat Meehan (R) Pat Meehan Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [PA-08]PennsylvaniaMike Fitzpatrick (R) Mike Fitzpatrick Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [PA-09]PennsylvaniaBill Shuster (R) Bill Shuster Wikipedia Page19.500
2014 House [PA-10]PennsylvaniaTom Marino (R) Tom Marino Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [PA-11]PennsylvaniaLou Barletta (R) Lou Barletta Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [PA-12]PennsylvaniaKeith Rothfus (R) Keith Rothfus Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [PA-13]PennsylvaniaAllyson Schwartz (D) Allyson Schwartz Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [PA-14]PennsylvaniaMike Doyle (D) Mike Doyle Wikipedia Page25.800
2014 House [PA-15]PennsylvaniaCharles Dent (R) Charles Dent Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [PA-16]PennsylvaniaJoseph Pitts (R) Joseph Pitts Wikipedia Page23.800
2014 House [PA-17]PennsylvaniaMatt Cartwright (D) Matt Cartwright Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [PA-18]PennsylvaniaTim Murphy (R) Tim Murphy Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [RI-01]Rhode IslandDavid Cicilline (D) David Cicilline Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [RI-02]Rhode IslandJim Langevin (D) Jim Langevin Wikipedia Page19.800
2014 House [SC-01]South CarolinaMark Sanford (R) Mark Sanford Wikipedia Page7.500
2014 House [SC-02]South CarolinaJoe Wilson (R) Joe Wilson Wikipedia Page18.900
2014 House [SC-03]South CarolinaJeff Duncan (R) Jeff Duncan Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [SC-04]South CarolinaTrey Gowdy (R) Trey Gowdy Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [SC-05]South CarolinaMick Mulvaney (R) Mick Mulvaney Wikipedia Page3.700
2014 House [SC-06]South CarolinaJim Clyburn (D) Jim Clyburn Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [SC-07]South CarolinaTom Rice (R) Tom Rice Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [SD-01]South DakotaKristi Noem (R) Kristi Noem Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [TN-01]TennesseePhil Roe (R) Phil Roe Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [TN-02]TennesseeJimmy Duncan (R) Jimmy Duncan Wikipedia Page3200
2014 House [TN-03]TennesseeChuck Fleischmann (R) Chuck Fleischmann Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [TN-04]TennesseeScott DesJarlais (R) Scott DesJarlais Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [TN-05]TennesseeJim Cooper (D) Jim Cooper Wikipedia Page37.800
2014 House [TN-06]TennesseeDiane Black (R) Diane Black Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [TN-07]TennesseeMarsha Blackburn (R) Marsha Blackburn Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [TN-08]TennesseeStephen Fincher (R) Stephen Fincher Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [TN-09]TennesseeSteve Cohen (D) Steve Cohen Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [TX-01]TexasLouie Gohmert (R) Louie Gohmert Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [TX-02]TexasTed Poe (R) Ted Poe Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [TX-03]TexasSam Johnson (R) Sam Johnson Wikipedia Page29.500
2014 House [TX-04]TexasRalph Hall (R) Ralph Hall Wikipedia Page39.800
2014 House [TX-05]TexasJeb Hensarling (R) Jeb Hensarling Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [TX-06]TexasJoe Barton (R) Joe Barton Wikipedia Page35.800
2014 House [TX-07]TexasJohn Culberson (R) John Culberson Wikipedia Page19.800
2014 House [TX-08]TexasKevin Brady (R) Kevin Brady Wikipedia Page23.800
2014 House [TX-09]TexasAl Green (D) Al Green Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [TX-10]TexasMichael McCaul (R) Michael McCaul Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [TX-11]TexasMichael Conaway (R) Michael Conaway Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [TX-12]TexasKay Granger (R) Kay Granger Wikipedia Page23.800
2014 House [TX-13]TexasMac Thornberry (R) Mac Thornberry Wikipedia Page25.800
2014 House [TX-14]TexasRandy Weber (R) Randy Weber Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [TX-15]TexasRuben Hinojosa (D) Ruben Hinojosa Wikipedia Page23.800
2014 House [TX-16]TexasBeto O'Rourke (D) Beto O'Rourke Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [TX-17]TexasBill Flores (R) Bill Flores Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [TX-18]TexasSheila Jackson-Lee (D) Sheila Jackson-Lee Wikipedia Page25.800
2014 House [TX-19]TexasRandy Neugebauer (R) Randy Neugebauer Wikipedia Page17.400
2014 House [TX-20]TexasJoaquín Castro (D) Joaquín Castro Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [TX-21]TexasLamar Smith (R) Lamar Smith Wikipedia Page33.800
2014 House [TX-22]TexasPete Olson (R) Pete Olson Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [TX-23]TexasPete Gallego (D) Pete Gallego Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [TX-24]TexasKenny Marchant (R) Kenny Marchant Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [TX-25]TexasRoger Williams (R) Roger Williams Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [TX-26]TexasMichael Burgess (R) Michael Burgess Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [TX-27]TexasBlake Farenthold (R) Blake Farenthold Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [TX-28]TexasHenry Cuellar (D) Henry Cuellar Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [TX-29]TexasGene Green (D) Gene Green Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [TX-30]TexasEddie Johnson (D) Eddie Johnson Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [TX-31]TexasJohn Carter (R) John Carter Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [TX-32]TexasPete Sessions (R) Pete Sessions Wikipedia Page23.800
2014 House [TX-33]TexasMarc Veasey (D) Marc Veasey Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [TX-34]TexasFilemon Vela, Jr. (D) Filemon Vela, Jr. Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [TX-35]TexasLloyd Doggett (D) Lloyd Doggett Wikipedia Page25.800
2014 House [TX-36]TexasSteve Stockman (R) Steve Stockman Wikipedia Page25.800
2014 House [UT-01]UtahRob Bishop (R) Rob Bishop Wikipedia Page17.800
2014 House [UT-02]UtahChris Stewart (R) Chris Stewart Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [UT-03]UtahJason Chaffetz (R) Jason Chaffetz Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [UT-04]UtahJim Matheson (D) Jim Matheson Wikipedia Page19.800
2014 House [VT-01]VermontPeter Welch (D) Peter Welch Wikipedia Page13.800
2014 House [VA-01]VirginiaRobert Wittman (R) Robert Wittman Wikipedia Page12.900
2014 House [VA-02]VirginiaScott Rigell (R) Scott Rigell Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [VA-03]VirginiaBobby Scott (D) Bobby Scott Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [VA-04]VirginiaRandy Forbes (R) Randy Forbes Wikipedia Page19.400
2014 House [VA-05]VirginiaRobert Hurt (R) Robert Hurt Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [VA-06]VirginiaBob Goodlatte (R) Bob Goodlatte Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [VA-07]VirginiaEric Cantor (R) Eric Cantor Wikipedia Page6.200
2014 House [VA-08]VirginiaJim Moran (D) Jim Moran Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [VA-09]VirginiaMorgan Griffith (R) Morgan Griffith Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [VA-10]VirginiaFrank Wolf (R) Frank Wolf Wikipedia Page39.800
2014 House [VA-11]VirginiaGerald Connolly (D) Gerald Connolly Wikipedia Page11.800
2014 House [WA-01]WashingtonSuzan DelBene (D) Suzan DelBene Wikipedia Page800
2014 House [WA-02]WashingtonRick Larsen (D) Rick Larsen Wikipedia Page19.800
2014 House [WA-03]WashingtonJaime Herrera Beutler (R) Jaime Herrera Beutler Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [WA-04]WashingtonDoc Hastings (R) Doc Hastings Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [WA-05]WashingtonCathy McMorris Rodgers (R) Cathy McMorris Rodgers Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [WA-06]WashingtonDerek Kilmer (D) Derek Kilmer Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [WA-07]WashingtonJim McDermott (D) Jim McDermott Wikipedia Page31.800
2014 House [WA-08]WashingtonDavid Reichert (R) David Reichert Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [WA-09]WashingtonAdam Smith (D) Adam Smith Wikipedia Page23.800
2014 House [WA-10]WashingtonDenny Heck (D) Denny Heck Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [WV-01]West VirginiaDavid McKinley (R) David McKinley Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [WV-02]West VirginiaShelley Moore Capito (R) Shelley Moore Capito Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [WV-03]West VirginiaNick Rahall (D) Nick Rahall Wikipedia Page27.800
2014 House [WI-01]WisconsinPaul Ryan (R) Paul Ryan Wikipedia Page21.800
2014 House [WI-02]WisconsinMark Pocan (D) Mark Pocan Wikipedia Page7.800
2014 House [WI-03]WisconsinRon Kind (D) Ron Kind Wikipedia Page23.800
2014 House [WI-04]WisconsinGwen Moore (D) Gwen Moore Wikipedia Page15.800
2014 House [WI-05]WisconsinJames Sensenbrenner (R) James Sensenbrenner Wikipedia Page41.800
2014 House [WI-06]WisconsinThomas Petri (R) Thomas Petri Wikipedia Page5.800
2014 House [WI-07]WisconsinSean Duffy (R) Sean Duffy Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [WI-08]WisconsinReid Ribble (R) Reid Ribble Wikipedia Page9.800
2014 House [WY-01]WyomingCynthia Lummis (R) Cynthia Lummis Wikipedia Page11.800

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