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  • This is When President Obama is Going to be President Tough
    Now is the time for President Obama to get tough with Republicans. Many people may look at the midterm election results and think that Republicans now have the upper hand, but I would beg to differ.
  • Kay Hagan is Obvious Choice for North Carolina Office Race
    Since her first running against Republican state Sen. John Blust in Greensboro 1998, Kay Hagan has been a tough competitor for the Democratic party. Will this be the year she is unseated? There are nine polls that show it's a very close race at the moment. Six of the polls show Hagan ahead marginally by 4-5 points, and one shows Tillis ahead with a five point lead.
  • Senate Loss May Soon Be Democrat's Gain
    Don't worry Democrats--everything is going to be alright! We will live to see another day regardless of the agony you are feeling right now. It was a tough night for Democrats, but all is not lost. Now we can all sit back and watch the Republican party implode before our very eyes. I imagine it is going to be rather fun to watch.
  • Exercise Your Right. Get out and Vote Today!
    What can you do to really make a difference in the world today? Vote for the party that stands for civil and human rights; the party that will stand up to Wall Street; and the party that has your best interests in mind.
  • The Scariest New Senate Candidates of 2014
    For the 2014 midterm elections, the GOP has some truly scary candidates with extreme views on women's rights, the climate, and how our government should function. Some of them proudly tout their extreme beliefs while others hide behind them, but all of them would take us a step backward should they be elected.

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