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  • Donald Trump's sons, Eric and Donald Jr., went on "Good Morning America" to promote a new hotel chain in Mississippi that is based off his campaign slogan. The chain, "American Idea,” is opening three hotels in the state that overwhelmingly voted for their dad, but the two sons insist they aren't trying to profit off their fathers Presidency.
  • Donald Trump's son tweeted his praise for the author of the "PizzaGate" by suggesting that he should receive a Pulitzer Prize. The author, Mike Cernovich, is responsible for a conspiracy article that claimed the Clinton's were running a child sex ring out of a litany of restaurants on the east cost and became the catalyst for a disturbed man to enter a pizza store in Washing, D.C. with his assault rifle in an attempt to save the women.
  • Donald Trump is handing the keys to his business empire to his two sons, which the Office of Government Ethics publicly called 'wholly inadequate.' Having his two sons - Donald, Jr. and Eric - run his business empire while he's President has the potential of creating countless conflict of interests because Trump will be enforcing rules and regulations that can directly impact his business empire.
  • Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump along with two other investors created a charity called Opening Day Foundation that is selling access to Donald Trump on and around inauguration day. The "charity" is accepting donations in exchange for a private reception with Donald Trump and potentially a private hunting event with the new President if the price is right.
  • Donald Trump's son, Donald Jr., met with Russian and other international officials in Paris to discuss the Syrian War during the final months of the Presidential campaign. The event was hosted by the Center of Political and Foreign Affairs, a think tank that has "worked closely with Russia to try to end the conflict," according to a statement by the group.