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Tammy BaldwinWisconsin9 Tammy Baldwin Wikipedia Bio Tammy Baldwin Facebook Page Tammy Baldwin Twitter Page Tammy Baldwin Youtube Page31Democratic Senators Baldwin's and Booker's The Stronger Way...2016-07-24
Michael BennetColorado13 Michael Bennet Wikipedia Bio Michael Bennet Facebook Page Michael Bennet Twitter Page Michael Bennet Youtube Page21Ken Buck refuses to answer basic questions on tax measures2010-10-13
Richard BlumenthalConnecticut11 Richard Blumenthal Wikipedia Bio Richard Blumenthal Facebook Page Richard Blumenthal Twitter Page Richard Blumenthal Youtube Page12Blumenthal new tobacco fight2012-04-28
Cory BookerNew Jersey8.2 Cory Booker Wikipedia Bio Cory Booker Facebook Page Cory Booker Twitter Page Cory Booker Youtube Page2917the man-child in the Oval Office2020-01-16
Barbara BoxerCalifornia29 Barbara Boxer Wikipedia Bio Barbara Boxer Facebook Page Barbara Boxer Twitter Page Barbara Boxer Youtube Page33torturous use of shock instruments to control children in c...2012-05-27
Sherrod BrownOhio15 Sherrod Brown Wikipedia Bio Sherrod Brown Facebook Page Sherrod Brown Twitter Page Sherrod Brown Youtube Page40Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown says he's tired of China "bullyi...2012-01-30
Maria CantwellWashington21 Maria Cantwell Wikipedia Bio Maria Cantwell Twitter Page Maria Cantwell Youtube Page10Cantwell keeps refusing PAC money2012-04-29
Ben CardinMaryland15 Ben Cardin Wikipedia Bio Ben Cardin Facebook Page Ben Cardin Twitter Page Ben Cardin Youtube Page32Cardin's anit-racial profiling bill2012-04-30
Tom CarperDelaware21 Tom Carper Wikipedia Bio Tom Carper Facebook Page Tom Carper Twitter Page Tom Carper Youtube Page12Tom Carper's Idea for the post office.2012-04-27
Chris CoonsDelaware11.2 Chris Coons Wikipedia Bio Chris Coons Facebook Page Chris Coons Twitter Page Chris Coons Youtube Page13Coons' addendum to the Buffett Rule2012-04-29
Joe DonnellyIndiana9 Joe Donnelly Wikipedia Bio Joe Donnelly Facebook Page Joe Donnelly Twitter Page Joe Donnelly Youtube Page17Mourdock just handed the race to Donnelly2012-10-31
Dick DurbinIllinois25 Dick Durbin Wikipedia Bio Dick Durbin Facebook Page Dick Durbin Twitter Page Dick Durbin Youtube Page176Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) has declared War on Social Security...2013-10-30
Dianne FeinsteinCalifornia29.2 Dianne Feinstein Wikipedia Bio Dianne Feinstein Facebook Page Dianne Feinstein Twitter Page Dianne Feinstein Youtube Page158Who's the Traitor?2013-12-05
Al FrankenMinnesota12.5 Al Franken Wikipedia Bio Al Franken Facebook Page Al Franken Twitter Page Al Franken Youtube Page7413Majority of Democratic Senators Call on Senator Franken to...2019-07-29
Kirsten GillibrandNew York13 Kirsten Gillibrand Wikipedia Bio Kirsten Gillibrand Facebook Page Kirsten Gillibrand Twitter Page Kirsten Gillibrand Youtube Page356Kirsten Gillibrand proposes Postal Banking2018-05-03
Kamala HarrisCalifornia5 Kamala Harris Wikipedia Bio Kamala Harris Facebook Page Kamala Harris Twitter Page Kamala Harris Youtube Page1074Biden chooses Kamala Harris as his VP running mate2020-08-19
Martin HeinrichNew Mexico9 Martin Heinrich Wikipedia Bio Martin Heinrich Facebook Page Martin Heinrich Twitter Page Martin Heinrich Youtube Page11Meet the Five Poorest Senators2013-01-22
Heidi HeitkampNorth Dakota9 Heidi Heitkamp Wikipedia Bio Heidi Heitkamp Facebook Page Heidi Heitkamp Twitter Page Heidi Heitkamp Youtube Page12Heitkamp was named Best Candidate for 20122012-11-22
Mazie HironoHawaii9 Mazie Hirono Wikipedia Bio Mazie Hirono Facebook Page Mazie Hirono Twitter Page Mazie Hirono Youtube Page21Sequestration could uniquely effect Hawaii2013-02-12
Bob Casey Jr.Pennsylvania15 Bob Casey Jr. Wikipedia Bio Bob Casey Jr. Facebook Page Bob Casey Jr. Twitter Page Bob Casey Jr. Youtube Page13Casey's Campaign strategy for the Pennsylvania Senate seat2012-03-12
Tim KaineVirginia9 Tim Kaine Wikipedia Bio Tim Kaine Facebook Page Tim Kaine Twitter Page Tim Kaine Youtube Page472V.P townhall show tonight2016-10-06
Amy KlobucharMinnesota15 Amy Klobuchar Wikipedia Bio Amy Klobuchar Facebook Page Amy Klobuchar Twitter Page Amy Klobuchar Youtube Page105Amy Klobuchar2019-04-22
Patrick LeahyVermont47 Patrick Leahy Wikipedia Bio Patrick Leahy Facebook Page Patrick Leahy Twitter Page Patrick Leahy Youtube Page15Leahy and Klobuchar push for the renewal of domestic abuse...2012-04-28
Joe ManchinWest Virginia11.2 Joe Manchin Wikipedia Bio Joe Manchin Facebook Page Joe Manchin Twitter Page Joe Manchin Youtube Page57Joe Manchin Might not vote for Obama because of his Big Coa...2018-05-15
Ed MarkeyMassachusetts8.6 Ed Markey Wikipedia Bio Ed Markey Facebook Page Ed Markey Twitter Page Ed Markey Youtube Page43Markey Wins Massachusetts Special Election2013-06-26
Claire McCaskillMissouri15 Claire McCaskill Wikipedia Bio Claire McCaskill Facebook Page Claire McCaskill Twitter Page Claire McCaskill Youtube Page46Rural Post offices to stay open for a little while longer.2012-04-29
Bob MenendezNew Jersey16 Bob Menendez Wikipedia Bio Bob Menendez Facebook Page Bob Menendez Twitter Page Bob Menendez Youtube Page16Senator Bob Menendez Honored as BIO Legislator of the Year2012-04-28
Jeff MerkleyOregon13 Jeff Merkley Wikipedia Bio Jeff Merkley Facebook Page Jeff Merkley Twitter Page Jeff Merkley Youtube Page118the Monsanto Protection Act2013-07-18
Barbara MikulskiMaryland35 Barbara Mikulski Wikipedia Bio Barbara Mikulski Facebook Page Barbara Mikulski Twitter Page Barbara Mikulski Youtube Page14Mikilski focuses on Biotech jobs to help Maryland economy2012-04-24
Chris MurphyConnecticut9 Chris Murphy Wikipedia Bio Chris Murphy Facebook Page Chris Murphy Twitter Page Chris Murphy Youtube Page23Senate Race Smackdown Report: Chris Murphy defeats former W...2012-11-06
Patty MurrayWashington29 Patty Murray Wikipedia Bio Patty Murray Facebook Page Patty Murray Twitter Page Patty Murray Youtube Page27Patty Murray finds Veterans Affairs wait time "deeply...2012-05-02
Bill NelsonFlorida21 Bill Nelson Wikipedia Bio Bill Nelson Facebook Page Bill Nelson Twitter Page Bill Nelson Youtube Page374Trump legitimized thievery.2018-11-12
Gary PetersMichigan9 Gary Peters Wikipedia Bio Gary Peters Facebook Page Gary Peters Twitter Page Gary Peters Youtube Page13Peters Win's Big in Michigan2014-11-04
John Podesta John Podesta Wikipedia Bio00
Jack ReedRhode Island25 Jack Reed Wikipedia Bio Jack Reed Facebook Page Jack Reed Twitter Page Jack Reed Youtube Page14Carl Levin and Jack Reed heading to Middle East2012-04-30
Harry ReidNevada35 Harry Reid Wikipedia Bio Harry Reid Facebook Page Harry Reid Twitter Page Harry Reid Youtube Page7934Harry Reid Forces Republicans to Roll Over in Filibuster Fi...2021-09-24
Bernie SandersVermont15 Bernie Sanders Wikipedia Bio Bernie Sanders Facebook Page Bernie Sanders Twitter Page Bernie Sanders Youtube Page197287My Candidate is firming Trump supporters.2021-08-06
Brian SchatzHawaii9.1 Brian Schatz Wikipedia Bio Brian Schatz Facebook Page Brian Schatz Twitter Page20Sen Brian Schatz: Don't play the "pay-for" game2018-03-20
Chuck SchumerNew York23 Chuck Schumer Wikipedia Bio Chuck Schumer Facebook Page Chuck Schumer Twitter Page587Rod Rosenstein2019-02-19
Jeanne ShaheenNew Hampshire13 Jeanne Shaheen Wikipedia Bio Jeanne Shaheen Facebook Page Jeanne Shaheen Twitter Page Jeanne Shaheen Youtube Page14New Bi-partisan effort to help Veterans, Led by Jeanne Shah...2012-04-30
Debbie StabenowMichigan21 Debbie Stabenow Wikipedia Bio Debbie Stabenow Facebook Page Debbie Stabenow Twitter Page Debbie Stabenow Youtube Page35Pete Hoekstra's Racist Ad During Super Bowl2012-02-21
Jon TesterMontana15 Jon Tester Wikipedia Bio Jon Tester Facebook Page Jon Tester Twitter Page Jon Tester Youtube Page51Montana's tossup Senate election.2012-07-16
Tom UdallNew Mexico13 Tom Udall Wikipedia Bio Tom Udall Facebook Page Tom Udall Twitter Page Tom Udall Youtube Page12Bingaman and Udall introduce legislation to protect2012-04-29
Mark WarnerVirginia13 Mark Warner Wikipedia Bio Mark Warner Facebook Page Mark Warner Twitter Page Mark Warner Youtube Page23Warner, Blunt and a few others join up on a bipartisan job...2012-08-03
Elizabeth WarrenMassachusetts9 Elizabeth Warren Wikipedia Bio Elizabeth Warren Facebook Page Elizabeth Warren Twitter Page Elizabeth Warren Youtube Page40247Bernie and Elizabeth can save us2020-03-16
Sheldon WhitehouseRhode Island15 Sheldon Whitehouse Wikipedia Bio Sheldon Whitehouse Facebook Page Sheldon Whitehouse Twitter Page Sheldon Whitehouse Youtube Page41Sheldon Whitehouse supports a fair tax system2021-01-28
Ron WydenOregon26 Ron Wyden Wikipedia Bio Ron Wyden Facebook Page Ron Wyden Twitter Page Ron Wyden Youtube Page23Wyden-Ryan Plan2012-05-01