Obama's Skeet Shooting Photo is Real

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Date Originated: February of 2013
Categories: Gun Control, Barack Obama & Conservatives
Barack Obama mentioned in passing in an interview with 'The New Republic' that he shoots skeet on occasion at Camp David, and the administration even released a photo of him doing so on The White House's website. This was brought up as a way to appease gun owners over recent talks of further gun control legislation his administration is pursuing. This immediately turned into a controversy. A right-led conspiracy sprang up over the legitimacy of the photo, and even the genuineness of Obama's interest in the activity. This is yet another trumped up, ridiculous non-scandal that the conservatives have latched onto to further divide the conservation over gun rights, the 2nd amendment and Obama's wish to pass further gun control legislation.
Source: http://tv.msnbc.com/2013/02/04/for-skeets-sake-the-8-most-bizarre-reactions-to-obamas-ske...
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