Phony Outrage Towards Obama's Contraception Regulation

Overview of this Defense

Date Originated: February of 2012
Categories: Regulation, Religious Beliefs, Barack Obama, Obama Administration, Catholics & Health Care Industry
Catholic leaders and the GOP have intentionally distorted the Obama administration’s new rule requiring employers and insurers to provide reproductive health benefits at no additional cost sharing. Republicans are outraged, saying that the new mandates go against religious liberties. In reality though, Obama's new mandates are just an extension upon laws that have already been in place for years, requiring organizations that offer prescription insurance to cover contraception. 28 states already mandate this law. Major difference is that this will include every organization that offers an insurance policy to provide a contraceptive option at no cost. Also, Obama's administration added an exemption for houses of worship and other religious nonprofits. So, the claim that this is an attack on religious liberty is a phony outrage. Strictly religious institutions are exempt and it's not required for anyone to use the contraceptives, just to have the option.
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