Opinion Articles & Editorials Written By David Roberts

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02/26/16Rural electric co-ops, traditionally bastions of coal, are getting into solarvox.com
In the US, rural areas and constituencies have typically weighed against progress on clean energy. But that may be changing. A new story out of Wisconsin illustrates that a slow, tentative shift is underway, as rural electricity consumers and the utilities that serve them take a new look at the benefits of solar power.
01/08/16Yes, Donald Trump will implode. Here's why.vox.com
More than any political candidate in memory, Donald Trump's value proposition to voters is simple and crystal clear: He's a winner. Everything else follows from that. He doesn't owe wealthy political donors or political elites anything. He'll get the best trade deals and kick the most terrorist ass. He'll defy political correctness and tell it like it is. ISIS will give us its oil. Mexico will pay for our wall. Corporations will beg us to relocate their factories to the US.
12/08/15Economists agree: economic models underestimate climate changevox.com
It's fairly well-established at this point that there's a robust scientific consensus about the threat of climate change. But analysts and journalists often say (or imply) that there's less of an economic consensus, that economists are leery of the actions recommended by scientists because of their cost. Is it true? It turns out there have been very few systematic surveys of economists' opinions on the subject, and the few that have been done suffer from methodological shortcomings.