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  • The Florida Commission on Ethics has hit GOP Rep. David Rivera with 11 counts for allegedly violating state rules during his tenure in the Florida Legislature. Phony campaigns, dog track payments to family, illegal income, and misuse of campaign funds are a few of the ethics violations on the list.
  • Fueled with $43,000 in secret money, Republican Rep. David Rivera helped run a shadow campaign that might have broken federal laws in last week’s Democratic primary against his political nemesis Joe Garcia, according to campaign sources and finance records.
  • Federal investigators have opened a second criminal probe of U.S. Rep. David Rivera, examining undisclosed payments from a Miami gambling enterprise to a company tied to the Republican congressman. The investigation is focusing on a $1 million consulting contract.
  • David Rivera, after dropping out of the Florida's state Senate race, is now be investigated for spending tens of thousands of dollars in 'thank you' money to his supporters. Those "thank you campaign" dollars to ACH are being scrutinized as part of a criminal investigation of the Republican representative's personal and campaign accounts by the Miami-Dade police and prosecutors.
  • Rivera was involved in a traffic collision with a truck carrying thousands of fliers, produced by Rivera's campaign opponent in 2002, that included a last-minute attack on Rivera's character and detailed past domestic violence accusations against him. According to reports filed by the Florida Highway Patrol, a car driven by Rivera hit the truck and forced it to the shoulder of the Palmetto Expressway, ten minutes before the truck's 6 p.m. deadline to deliver the fliers to the post office, preventing the fliers from being delivered in time to be mailed. Rivera has said that he had planned to meet up with the truck on an exit ramp off the Expressway so he could retrieve a batch of his own campaign fliers.
  • On October 13, 1994 a domestic abuse charge was filed in Miami-Dade County against one David M. Rivera. Rivera denies that he was the defendant in the 1994 domestic violence case, and the victim of the attack has maintained that David Rivera, the politician, was not the defendant in her case. The case file has been destroyed by the court (case files are retained for only 5 years,). The Miami Herald reported that according to a woman who is friendly with the victim's brother, Rivera and the victim came to her home as a couple to attend a dinner party about 10 years ago. The victim's mother also once worked on one of Rivera's political campaigns, records show.