Right Wing's Race Baiting Tactics in Zimmerman Trial

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Date Originated: July of 2013
Categories: George Zimmerman Murder Trial & Racial Politics
The right-wing media has bent over backwards to demean Trayvon Martin throughout the entirety of the George Zimmerman murder trial and has had a "race to the bottom" with regards to what they can come up with in smearing the deceased teenager in the worst way possible. From calling our first black President a racist for speaking on the case to glorifying Zimmerman's vigilante tactics as heroic, the conservative media has somehow turned a murder of an unarmed black teenager holding only skittles and iced tea into a reverse-racism case against a heroic neighborhood watch volunteer trying to keep his community safe.
Source: http://mediamatters.org/blog/2013/07/12/for-zimmerman-trial-a-right-wing-race-to-the-bo/1...
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