Boehner-Cantor Fiscal Cliff Vote Fued

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Overview of this Controversy

Date Originated: December of 2012
Categories: Hurricane Sandy "Frankenstorm", John Boehner, Eric Cantor & New York
Congress was set to approve a $60 billion relief fund bill for the New York and New Jersey victims of Hurricane Sandy on January 1st, 2013. Both House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor had publicly agreed that quick action must be taken for relief for this natural disaster. But, when it came time to pass the pill, Boehner pulled the legislation last minute. It is reported he did so to pay back Republicans, namely Eric Cantor, for voting against him in the Fiscal Cliff deal just days before. Gov. Chris Christie and Peter King, among many others, were completely outraged when this happened. And, after two full days of heated debate and backlash against his actions, Boehner re-entered the deal and put it back into motion. But, for the many waiting for relief, even waiting a day or so was damaging.
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