West's Iraq interrogation incident

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Date Originated: November of 2003
Categories: 2003 Iraq War & Allen West
While serving in Taji, Iraq, West received information from an intelligence specialist about a reported plot to ambush him and his men. Yahya Jhodri Hamoodi, a civilian Iraqi police officer, was implemented in the plot. Hamoodi was detain and beaten when he allegedly reached for his weapon. West then fired his pistol near Hamoodi's head, after which Hamoodi provided West with names and information, which Hamoodi later described as "meaningless information induced by fear and pain." One of these suspects was arrested as a result, but no plans for attacks or weapons were found. West was charged with violating articles 128 (assault) and 134 (general article) of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. West later stated, "I know the method I used was not right, but I wanted to take care of my soldiers." West was fined $5,000. LTC West accepted the judgment and retired with full benefits in the summer of 2004.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allen_West_(politician)#Iraq_interrogation_incident
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