Utah Passes Bill Banning Sex Education in Schools

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Date Originated: February of 2012
Categories: Abstinence Only Education , Sex Education , Utah & Sex\Intimacy
Utah has passed a bill (HB363) that makes it illegal to talk about premarital sex, sexuality in general, homosexuality, and contraception, even in terms of preventing sexually-transmitted diseases, in any public school setting. The bill reads: "Human sexuality instruction or instructional programs may not include instruction in, or the advocacy of, the intricacies of intercourse, sexual stimulation, or erotic behavior; homosexuality; the use of contraceptive methods or devices; or sexual activity outside of marriage." This bill basically means that the only way a teacher can inform a student about sex, if they are allowed to talk about sex at all, is to promote abstinence only until marriage.
Source: http://shine.yahoo.com/parenting/utah-passes-bill-banning-sex-education-schools-225800102...
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