C-Street Controversy

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Overview of this Controversy

Date Originated: September of 2009
Categories: Religion, Taxes & C Street Family/Fellowship
C Street has been the subject of controversy over its claimed tax status as a church, the ownership of the property and its connection to the Fellowship, and the reportedly subsidized benefits the facility provides to members of Congress. Until 2009, C-Street was exempt from real property taxes. When it was revealed that rooms were being rented out as residencies, the exemption was amended to 34% exempt. Soon it was revealed that the Fellowship had no control over C-Street. Mainstream Christian Pastors filed a petition to revoke C Street's remaining tax exemption due to its secretiveness on the grounds that it is not a religious institute. Further investigations show that C Street charges its Capitol Hill residents rent that is well below market price for more tax breaks.
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C_Street_Center#Controversy
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