Trump Speaker Imagined 'Thelma and Louise' Like Death For Clinton

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Date Originated: October of 2016
Categories: Donald Trump
At a Donald Trump rally in Las Vegas, former Libertarian vice-presidential candidate and author of "Angry White Male" speaker Wayne Allyn Root envisioned a fake scenario for Hillary Clinton and her top aide. Root attempted to fire up the crowd before Trump spoke by saying, "I heard a rumor, I don’t know if you’ve heard this rumor, but while we’re all gathered here, all the networks have wall-to-wall coverage of a live police chase. And it's Hillary in a white Ford Bronco. She's got Huma driving and they're headed for the Mexican border. I have a name. I have a name. I have a name for the future TV movie, it’s called ‘Driving Miss Hilary,’ and the ending, if we all get our wish, the ending is like the end of ‘Thelma and Louise.’”
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