Donald Trump Pandered To Only Hindu Voters In India With Campaign Ad

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Date Originated: October of 2016
Categories: Donald Trump
Donald Trump ran a campaign ad in India, saying, "The Indian and Hindu community will have a true friend in the White House. We will defeat radical Islamic terrorism." He then spoke in Hindi with the message that translates to, "This time a Trump government", appropriating the Indian Prime Minister's slogan of "this time Modi government". The ad ends with Trump saying, "We love the Hindus, we love India." BBC reporter Vikas Pandey questioned people in the streets of Indian capital, Delhi, to gauge their reactions. Most feedback was very negative, one person of note saying, "Mr. Trump seemed to be addressing only Hindus through the video. How could he just assume that Hindus means India? We are a plural country, Mr. Trump. Muslims, Sikhs and Christians also live in this country."
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