Overview of this Controversy

Date Originated: October of 2016
Categories: Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump & Megyn Kelly
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, an avid Donald Trump supporter, had a heated exchange with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly about Donald Trump. During the interview, Kelly brought up Trump being a 'sexual predator'-- "If Trump is a sexual predator.." Megyn began. Gingrich interrupted immediately with, "He's not a sexual predator." When Kelly told him it was just his opinion, Gingrich pointed to the screen and said, "You could not defend that statement. I am sick and tired of people like you using language that's inflammatory that's not true." After more heated exchange, Gingrich said Megyn was "fascinated with sex", and tried to force Megyn to say that Bill Clinton was a sexual predator. Kelly concluded the interview saying, ".. you can take your anger issues and spend time working on them, Mr. Speaker."
Source: http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/anger-issues-newt-gingrich-megyn-kelly-take...
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