Donald Trump Accused of Kissing Friend Of CNN Reporter Without Consent

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Overview of this Controversy

Date Originated: October of 2016
Categories: Donald Trump
CNN Reporter Erin Burnett reports that in March 2010 Donald Trump kissed a friend of hers, without consent. The undisclosed friend said per Burnett: "Trump took Tic Tacs, suggested that I take them also. He then leaned in ... catching me off guard and kissed me almost on the lips. I was really freaked out.” After Trump made his move, she went on to comment on the interaction: “Trump asked me to come into his office alone. I figured I could handle myself. Anyway, once in his office he kept telling me how special I am and gave me his cell phone and asked me to call him. I ran the hell out of there.” This happened in a board room, with another man present, that has confirmed the story.
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