NC Poll Workers Made Colored Couple Spell Their Names Before Voting

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Overview of this Controversy

Date Originated: March of 2016
Categories: North Carolina Republican Party
Poll workers in the North Carolina primary are accused of forcing a man to spell his name before being able to cast his ballot. The man has a South Asian name, which tend to be long. As he was spelling his name, the worker would repeat it back to him. On more than one occasion the worker said the wrong letter back and would get angry with the voter for correcting him. The man was eventually allowed to vote, but the exact same thing happened to his wife later in the day when she went to cast her ballot at a different polling station. The couple filed an official complaint with the State Board of Elections and received an apology from the director, who said the law only says that workers have to verify a person has a identification and not force them to spell their names.
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