Indiana Republicans Introduce Altered "Right to Discriminate" Bill

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Overview of this Controversy

Date Originated: November of 2015
Categories: Republican Party of Indiana
Indiana Republicans have introduced a new "Religious Freedom" bill just months after national uproar forced the state of Indiana to repeal an anti-LGBT law that allowed private companies to discriminate against LGBT individuals. The new bill allows businesses with four or fewer employees to refuse to provide any goods or services “for any solemnization, rehearsal, reception, celebration, or social event for a marriage ceremony, renewal of marriage vows, or marriage anniversary,” among many other draconian proposals meant to discriminate against the LGBT population. The bill also seeks to prevent individuals who believe they were discriminated against from filing a complaint in the first place because it contains a provision that would fine the individual $1,000 if their complaint was found to be "frivolous," a term not defined in the bill. Cities and other municipalities would also be barred from passing any protections that extend beyond the state’s limitations.
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