Ben Carson Appears to Break Campaign Finance Law During Book Tour

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Date Originated: October of 2015
Categories: Ben Carson
Dr. Ben Carson appears to have broken campaign finance law meant to restrict a candidate from having any corporation pay for a candidates expenses by using checks or in-kind giving them any goods or services. Mr. Carson recently suspended his campaign to promote his new book, but before doing so he spoke at the National Press Club to promote it. This in and of itself is not illegal, but the fact that his publishing company paid for the candidates traveling and other expenses for him to speak there is skirting on the edges of breaking the law. Carson's campaign denies any wrongdoing, but the law is very clear. Campaign finance laws mandate that candidates "may not accept contributions made from the general treasury funds of corporations, labor organizations or national banks.” Since Carson spoke about his Presidential campaign during the event then he appears to have broken the law.
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