Sen. Vitter Accused of Pressuring Former Mistress to Get an Abortion

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Overview of this Controversy

Date Originated: October of 2015
Categories: Abortion & David Vitter
Senator David Vitter's former mistress has publicly accused him of pressuring her to get an abortion after he found out she was carrying his child. Wendy Ellis, the anti-abortion Senator's former mistress, said in a recent interview that the sitting Senator first denied that he was the child's father, but then pressured her to get an abortion after she convinced him that the baby was in fact his. Ms. Ellis passed a polygraph exam when the story of Vitter's alleged affair first broke back in 2007 and the polygraph expert confirmed her story appears to be legit. Senator Vitter refused to take the polygraph exam, but later admitted to committing a “serious sin” back in 2007. The baby was put up for adoption immediately after birth and Ms. Ellis birth and she is refusing to divulge the child's whereabouts to protect his or her safety.
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