Forum Rule : Conservative Viewpoints are Held to a Higher Standard of Conduct

Conservative Viewpoints are Held to a Higher Standard of Conduct

Politics is a difficult subject to moderate. We believe the Republican party & the U.S. conservative movement has moved way far to the right over the years and is no longer ground in reality. So viewpoints & ideas from the right are allowed only if they are ground in reality and do not demagogue. Political beliefs are complicated & even some of our most liberal members may have conservative views or play "devil's advocate" on an issue or two. As long as you do not delve into right-wing extremism and are polite, conservative viewpoints are welcome. Right-wing & extremist viewpoints are not.

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Arguments Supporting Conservative Ideas Must be Rational & Ground in Reality
When supporting a conservative viewpoint in a discussion, you cannot make poor or illogical arguments. There are also certain arguments that are not allowed to be made in our forum because the data, science, reasoning, math, etc... overwhelmingly favors the liberal side but conservatives ignore it for political reasons. Such as believing that being gay is a choice, that climate change is not occurring or that lowering taxes at current tax rates will actually increase government revenue.
Repeating Generic Conservative Talking Points in Lieu of an Argument is not Allowed
Intellectual conservative viewpoints are allowed. If you are merely parroting things heard from conservatives in the media then we are assuming you are more interested in spreading Republican propaganda than having a real discussion.