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12/29/09Karl RoveConservative CommentatorDivorceKarl Rove divorced his wife of 24 years.
2007Pamela GellerConservative WriterDivorcePamela Geller and Michael Oshry divorced in 2007
2006Megyn KellyConservative TV HostDivorceMegyn Kelly and Daniel Kendall divorce in 2006
12/21/04Rush LimbaughConservative Radio HostDivorceLimbaugh divorced from Marta Fitzgerald
1999Joe ScarboroughConservative TV HostDivorceJoe Scarborough and Melanie Hinton got divorced
1994Glenn BeckConservative Radio HostDivorceGlenn Beck and first wife divorced after 11 years of marriage
1993Shepard SmithConservative TV HostDivorceShepard Smith and Virginia Donald divorced in 1993 with no children after 6 years of marriage
1990Rush LimbaughConservative Radio HostDivorceLimbaugh divorced Michelle Sixta for "personal reasons"
1981Lou DobbsConservative TV HostDivorceLou Dobbs divorced his high school sweetheart in 1981
07/10/80Rush LimbaughConservative Radio HostDivorceLimbaugh divorced from Roxy Maxine McNeely due to "incompatibility"
1977Dr. Laura SchlessingerConservative Radio HostDivorceLaura and Rudolph Schlessinger divorced in 1977
1964Michael SavageConservative Radio HostDivorceMichael Savage divorced his first wife Carol Ely after 3 years