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10/24/1310/24/13Obamacare Website Costs Upwards of One Billion DollarsObamacare000
Conservatives are falsely claiming that the much maligned Obamacare website cost the Federal Government upwards of one billion dollars. They are pointing to numbers that show the company that was tasked with building the website, CGI Federal, has received over $600 million dollars from the Federal Government. What they are neglecting to mention is that this number is the total amount of dollars this company has received from the Federal Government with nearly all of it coming before the botched website. In actuality, the co...
08/07/0908/07/09Obamacare Creates "Death Panels" to Ration CareObamacare000
Republicans are claiming the Affordable Care Act will create "death panels" that will determine what care our senior citizens will be able to receive. What the law actually mandates is that seniors approaching the end of their life have the best information possible so they can understand what treatments are the most effective and what is the best option for the individual patient.
07/29/0805/29/12Obama was not born in the United StatesBarack Obama201327
Obama was not born in the United States
20072007Barack Obama is a MuslimReligion, Barack Obama, Christians & Muslims308
Many conservatives have spread the false rumor that Barack Obama is a Muslim in order to associate anti-Muslim sentiment in the U.S. with Obama for political gain. Unfortunately, a lot of conservative wingnut lunatics actually believe and spread this crap.