Conservative Controversies & Scandals

2016 Top\Worst Republican Scandals & Controversies

  • Donald Trump has been sued by students of his now defunct "University" who accuse him of running a fraudulent scheme to get as much money from them as possible. Trump University is accused of using strong arm tactics that encourage the elderly and uneducated to take out massive amounts of debt with the promise of future financial gains. Trump University was in fact never a accredited university at all, but in fact it was a company that purported to be selling Trump’s secret insights into how to make money in real estate. **Update** Donald Trump settled the case out of court and has agreed to pay $25 million to the plaintiffs.
  • A woman has come forward and accused Donald Trump of sliding his hands underneath her mini-skirt and of touching her vagina through her underwear at a Manhattan social club in the early 1990's. The woman said she immediately told friends who corroborated her version of the incident to the Washington Post.
  • Dozens of high ranking Republican Senators, House Members, and Governors have called for Donald Trump's resignation after it was reported that Trump was recorded on audio tape bragging about being able to kiss and grope women against their will because he said that "when you’re a star, they let you do it.” In the tape he also discussed a failed attempt to have sex with a married women and expressed exasperation for being turned down even after he "moved on her very heavily."
  • Alabama governor, Robert Bentley was asked to leave by the First Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa, where he was once a deacon, after admitting to inappropriate sexual conversations with a top staffer, Rebekah Mason, who also attended the church, and had to leave as well.
  • The National Inquirer published a story accusing Senator Ted Cruz of having multiple and ongoing extramarital affairs. Senator Cruz refuted the allegations, but multiple Cruz opponents on both sides of the political aisle have been pushing these accusations for months.
  • When it came to the handling of frequent protests at his rallies, Trump said he was tired of "political correctness." After watching a protester fight with rally-goers, Trump said that it was " really amazing to watch." As one protester was being forcefully ejected ,Trump said "Try not to hurt him. If you do I'll defend you in court."
  • Far right militiamen took over the headquarters of a remote National Wildlife Refuge in eastern Oregon to protest the imprisonment of a rancher and his son who were convicted of illegally setting fire to Federal lands. The militiamen insist they will occupy the refuge indefinitely.