Conservative Controversies & Scandals

2015 Major Republican Scandals & Controversies

  • Senator David Vitter's former mistress has publicly accused him of pressuring her to get an abortion after he found out she was carrying his child. Wendy Ellis, the anti-abortion Senator's former mistress, said in a recent interview that the sitting Senator first denied that he was the child's father, but then pressured her to get an abortion after she convinced him that the baby was in fact his. Ms. Ellis passed a polygraph exam when the story of Vitter's alleged affair first broke back in 2007 and the polygraph expert confirmed her story appears to be legit. Senator Vitter refused to take the polygraph exam, but later admitted to committing a “serious sin” back in 2007. The baby was put up for adoption immediately after birth and Ms.
  • At a demonstration outside of Trump Tower, a protester got punched in the face by a Trump security guard. Efrain Galicia was reportedly chasing after the guard, to get back his confiscated sign. The guard then turned around and hit Galicia in the face before walking away.
  • Donald Trump claims the bible is his "first favorite book, by far" and "of all time". But when asked repeatedly by reporters what his favorite verse is from the book, he refuses to answer. On Sarah Palin's 'On Air' show, Trump and Palin take turns complaining about the legitimacy of the question, Trump citing it's too "personal" a question to answer to strangers.
  • Univision anchor Jorge Ramos was ejected from a Donald Trump news conference, after trying to ask a question about Trump's stance on immigration. Trump claims Ramos asked the question "out of order", told him to sit down repeatedly, and then Trump's security guard escorted Ramos out of the room, while Ramos continued to finish the question. Ramos was later allowed back into the conference.
  • Donald Trump's top campaign adviser Michael Cohen retweeted a tweet by "surferfortrump" that said, “#boycottmegynkelly @realDonaldTrump we can gut her.” Cohen, who is also the executive vice president of The Trump Organization, refuses to apologize for the retweet.
  • While announcing his candidacy for the Republican nomination, Trump described Mexican immigrants as criminals and "rapists." José Andrés and a second chef, announced that they were pulling their restaurants from Trump's planned Washington, DC, hotel due to Trump's comments. A lawsuit battle followed.
  • Former Connecticut Governor John Rowland was convicted and sentenced to 30 months in prison for break federal campaign laws. Rowland was convicted of concealing his role as a paid consultant to Lisa Wilson-Foley's 2012 congressional campaign and using his position as a radio host to encourage his listeners to vote for her.
  • Representative Aaron Schock is under investigation for improper use of taxpayer funds on a host of expenditures ranging from a lavish office themed after the PBS series Downton Abbey to billing the taxpayer for multiple vacations and other events. The Office of Congressional Ethics has opened an investigation into Mr. Schock and will report it's finding tot he House Ethics Committee. Representative Schock is already being investigated by the House Ethics Committee for allegedly soliciting contributions for an independent expenditure-only political committee in excess of $5,000 per donor. Update: Aaron Schock announced that he will be resigning from office on 3/31/2015