Conservative Controversies & Scandals

2015 Republican Scandals

  • In support of a bill that would authorize President Obama to arm Ukraine with lethal military aid, Sen. Jim Inhofe used 6-year-old photos of invading Russian tanks, claiming they were taken recently and given to him by a Ukrainian commander.
  • Representative Aaron Schock is under investigation for improper use of taxpayer funds on a host of expenditures ranging from a lavish office themed after the PBS series Downton Abbey to billing the taxpayer for multiple vacations and other events. The Office of Congressional Ethics has opened an investigation into Mr. Schock and will report it's finding tot he House Ethics Committee. Representative Schock is already being investigated by the House Ethics Committee for allegedly soliciting contributions for an independent expenditure-only political committee in excess of $5,000 per donor. Update: Aaron Schock announced that he will be resigning from office on 3/31/2015
  • Being the only Republican candidate who didn't pre-record his State of the Union response, Senator Cruz had to start over 1 minute into the video, after saying "time to move on beyond" the president. He is seen saying "Let me start over," then the video cuts to his redelivery. The video was quickly deleted.
  • In an effort to come clean before officially running for office, Bush released emails from his tenure as Florida's governor. The emails also included people‚Äôs social security numbers, home addresses and phone numbers.