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Roy Blunt
S(R)Missouri01/03/97 - Present25Warner, Blunt and a few others join up on a bipartisan job...2012-08-03
Tom Coburn
S(R)Oklahoma01/03/95 - Present1313Both Oklahoma Senator's voted against hurricane Sandy r...2013-05-21
Thad Cochran
S(R)Mississippi01/03/73 - Present19Republicans in the pocket of bug oil2012-03-30
Michael Conaway
H(R)Texas01/03/05 - Present02
John Fleming
H(R)Louisiana01/03/09 - Present03
Trent Franks
H(R)Arizona01/03/03 - Present02
Louie Gohmert
H(R)Texas01/03/05 - Present2029Louie Gohmert for House Speakership?2015-06-06
Lindsey Graham
S(R)South Carolina01/03/95 - Present208War warning?2017-12-05
Sam Graves
H(R)Missouri01/03/01 - Present00
Gregg Harper
H(R)Mississippi01/03/09 - Present01
Larry Kissell
H(D)North Carolina01/03/09 - 01/02/1300
Frank Lucas
H(R)Oklahoma05/10/94 - Present00
Mitch McConnell
S(R)Kentucky01/03/85 - Present15845Impeach Mitch McConnell!2020-05-02
Randy Neugebauer
H(R)Texas06/03/03 - Present270Blame it on the poor Park Ranger for the shutdown2013-10-23
Hal Rogers
H(R)Kentucky01/03/81 - Present00
Dan Webster
H(R)Florida01/03/11 - Present00
Lynn Westmoreland
H(R)Georgia01/03/05 - Present01
Roger Wicker
S(R)Mississippi01/03/95 - Present23Arrest Made in Ricin Laced Letters Sent to Senator and Pres...2013-04-17