U.S. Congress

113th Congress Members

416 Congress Members
Congress Member
Highest Degree
Previous Job\Career
Robert Aderholt
H(R-AL)Samford ('90) & Birmingham Southern College ('87)DoctorateLawJudge0
Lamar Alexander
S(R-TN)New York University ('65) & Vanderbilt ('62)DoctorateLawUniversity President1
Rodney Alexander
H(R-LA)Louisiana at Monroe ('09)BachelorsGeneral StudiesGovernment Employee0
Mark Amodei
H(R-NV)the Pacific ('83) & Nevada Reno ('80)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Robert Andrews
H(D-NJ)Cornell ('82) & Bucknell ('79)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Kelly Ayotte
S(R-NH)Villanova ('93) & Penn State ('90)DoctorateLawLawyer5
Michele Bachmann
H(R-MN)College of William and Mary ('88), Oral Roberts ('86) & Winona State ('78)DoctorateLawSmall Business Owner145
Spencer Bachus
H(R-AL)University of Alabama ('72) & Auburn ('69)DoctorateLawLawyer10
Ron Barber
H(D-AZ)Arizona ('67)BachelorsLiberal ArtsSmall Business Owner1
Lou Barletta
H(R-PA)Bloomsburg University ('74)Did not FinishEducationSmall Business Owner0
Andy Barr
H(R-KY)Kentucky ('01), Virginia ('96, '96)DoctorateLawProfessor0
John Barrasso
S(R-WY)Georgetown ('78, '74)DoctorateMedicineDoctor2
John Barrow
H(D-GA)Harvard ('79), University of Georgia ('76, '76)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee1
Joe Barton
H(R-TX)Purdue ('73) & Texas A&M ('72)MastersEngineeringConsultant3
Max Baucus
S(D-MT)Stanford ('67, '64)BachelorsLawLawyer5
Mark Begich
S(D-AK)University of Alaska AnchorageDid not FinishLiberal ArtsSmall Business Owner6
Dan Benishek
H(R-MI)Wayne State University ('78) & Michigan ('74)DoctorateMedicineDoctor0
Kerry Bentivolio
H(R-MI)Marygrove ('01), Michigan State ('99) & Oakland Community College ('83)MastersEducationEngineer0
Gus Bilirakis
H(R-FL)Stetson ('89) & Florida ('86)DoctorateLawProfessor0
Rob Bishop
H(R-UT)Utah ('74)BachelorsPolitical ScienceTeacher0
Timothy Bishop
H(D-NY)Long Island Brooklyn ('81) & College of the Holy Cross ('72)MastersLiberal ArtsProfessor0
Diane Black
H(R-TN)Belmont ('91) & Anne Arundel Community College ('71)BachelorsNursingHealthcare Worker0
Marsha Blackburn
H(R-TN)Mississippi State ('73)BachelorsLiberal ArtsManager6
Earl Blumenauer
H(D-OR)Lewis & Clark ('76, '70)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Roy Blunt
S(R-MO)Missouri State ('72) & Southwest Baptist University ('70)MastersPolitical ScienceUniversity President2
Suzanne Bonamici
H(D-OR)Oregon ('83, '80) & Lane Community College ('78)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Jo Bonner
H(R-AL)University of Alabama ('82)BachelorsJournalismGovernment Employee0
John Boozman
S(R-AR)Southern College of Optometry ('77) & Arkansas ('73)DoctorateOptometryDoctor1
Charles Boustany
H(R-LA)Louisiana State ('82) & Louisiana at Lafayette ('78)DoctorateMedicineDoctor0
Kevin Brady
H(R-TX)South Dakota ('90)BachelorsLiberal ArtsGovernment Employee0
Robert Brady
Bruce Braley
H(D-IA)Iowa ('83) & Iowa State ('80)DoctorateLawTrial Lawyer0
Jim Bridenstine
H(R-OK)Cornell ('09), Rice ('98, '98, '98)MastersBusinessManager0
Mo Brooks
H(R-AL)University of Alabama ('78), Duke ('75, '75)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Susan Brooks
H(R-IN)Miami & IndianaDoctorateLawUniversity President0
Paul Broun
H(R-GA)Georgia Regents ('71) & University of Georgia ('67)DoctorateMedicineDoctor15
Sherrod Brown
S(D-OH)Ohio State ('81, '79) & Yale ('74)MastersEducationTeacher4
Julia Brownley
H(D-CA)American ('79) & George Washington ('75)MastersBusiness0
Vern Buchanan
H(R-FL)Detroit Mercy ('86) & Cleary ('75)MastersBusinessEntrepreneur0
Larry Bucshon
H(R-IN)Illinois ('88, '84)DoctorateMedicineManager0
Michael Burgess
H(R-TX)Texas at Houston ('77), North Texas ('76, '72)DoctorateMedicineDoctor0
Richard Burr
S(R-NC)Wake Forest ('74)BachelorsManager2
Cheri Bustos
H(D-IL)Illinois at Springfield ('85) & Maryland ('83)MastersJournalismManager0
G. K. Butterfield
H(D-NC)North Carolina Central ('74, '71, '71)DoctorateLawJudge0
Bradley Byrne
H(R-AL)University of Alabama ('80) & Duke ('78)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Ken Calvert
H(R-CA)San Diego State ('75) & Chaffey College ('73)BachelorsEconomicsReal Estate Agent0
Dave Camp
H(R-MI)San Diego ('78) & Albion ('75)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee0
John Campbell
H(R-CA)Southern California ('77) & UCLA ('76)MastersBusinessCEO0
Maria Cantwell
S(D-WA)Miami ('80)BachelorsGovernmentManager1
Shelley Moore Capito
S(R-WV)Virginia ('76) & Duke ('75)MastersEducationManager0
Lois Capps
H(D-CA)California Santa Barbara ('90), Yale ('64) & Pacific Lutheran ('59)MastersEducationHealthcare Worker0
Mike Capuano
H(D-MA)Boston College ('77) & Dartmouth ('73)DoctorateLawLawyer0
John Carney
H(D-DE)Delaware ('87) & Dartmouth ('78)MastersGovernmentCEO0
Tom Carper
S(D-DE)Delaware ('75) & Ohio State ('68)MastersBusinessNavy Captain1
John Carter
H(R-TX)Texas ('69) & Texas Tech ('64)DoctorateLawJudge0
Matt Cartwright
H(D-PA)Pennsylvania ('86) & Hamilton College ('83)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Bill Cassidy
S(R-LA)Louisiana State ('83, '79)DoctorateMedicineProfessor4
Kathy Castor
H(D-FL)Florida State ('91) & Emory ('88)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Steve Chabot
H(R-OH)Northern Kentucky ('78) & College of William and Mary ('75)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Jason Chaffetz
H(R-UT)Brigham Young ('89)BachelorsCommunicationsGovernment Employee0
Saxby Chambliss
S(R-GA)Tennessee ('68), University of Georgia ('66) & Louisiana Tech ('62)DoctorateLawLawyer2
Jeffrey Chiesa
S(R-NJ)Catholic University of America ('90) & Notre Dame ('87)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee1
Katherine Clark
H(D-MA)Harvard ('97), Cornell ('89) & St. Lawrence University ('85)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Curt Clawson
H(R-FL)Harvard ('90) & Purdue ('84)MastersBusinessManager0
Daniel Coats
S(R-IN)Indiana ('71) & Wheaton College ('65)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee1
Howard Coble
H(R-NC)North Carolina at Chapel Hill ('62) & Guilford College ('58)DoctorateLawUnited States Attorney0
Tom Coburn
S(R-OK)Oklahoma ('83) & Oklahoma State ('70)DoctorateMedicineDoctor13
Thad Cochran
S(R-MS)Mississippi ('65, '59, '59)DoctorateLawLawyer1
Mike Coffman
H(R-CO)Colorado at Boulder ('79)BachelorsLiberal ArtsEntrepreneur4
Tom Cole
H(R-OK)Oklahoma ('84), Yale ('74) & Grinnell College ('71)DoctorateHistoryManager0
Chris Collins
H(R-NY)University of Alabama ('75) & North Carolina State ('72)MastersBusinessSmall Business Owner0
Doug Collins
H(R-GA)John Marshall Law ('07), New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary ('96), North Georgia College & State ('88, '88)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Susan Collins
S(R-ME)St. Lawrence University ('75)BachelorsPolitical ScienceState Employee21
Michael Conaway
H(R-TX)Texas AM University Commerce ('70)BachelorsAccountingManager0
Gerald Connolly
H(D-VA)Harvard ('79) & Maryknoll ('71)MastersPublic PolicyGovernment Employee0
Paul Cook
H(R-CA)California Riverside ('00), California San Bernardino ('96) & Southern Connecticut State ('66)MastersPolitical ScienceProfessor0
Chris Coons
S(D-DE)Yale ('92, '92) & Massachusetts Amherst ('85)DoctorateLawLawyer1
Jim Cooper
H(D-TN)Harvard ('80), Oxford University ('77), North Carolina at Chapel Hill ('75, '75)DoctorateLawProfessor0
Bob Corker
S(R-TN)Tennessee ('74)BachelorsBusinessReal Estate Agent34
John Cornyn
S(R-TX)Virginia ('95), Saint Mary's Texas ('77) & Trinity ('73)DoctorateLawJudge3
Jim Costa
H(D-CA)California State Fresno ('74)BachelorsPolitical ScienceCEO0
Tom Cotton
S(R-AR)Harvard ('02, '99)DoctorateLawManager88
Joe Courtney
H(D-CT)Connecticut ('78) & Tufts ('75)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Kevin Cramer
H(R-ND)University of Mary ('03) & Concordia ('83)MastersBusinessManager0
Mike Crapo
S(R-ID)Harvard ('77) & Brigham Young ('73)DoctorateLawLawyer2
Rick Crawford
H(R-AR)Arkansas State ('96, '96)BachelorsEconomicsJournalist0
Ander Crenshaw
H(R-FL)Florida ('70) & University of Georgia ('66)DoctorateLawManager0
Joseph Crowley
H(D-NY)Queens College ('85, '85)BachelorsPolitical ScienceSmall Business Owner0
John Culberson
H(R-TX)South Texas College of Law ('89) & Southern Methodist ('81)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Steve Daines
S(R-MT)Montana State ('84)BachelorsEngineeringEntrepreneur0
Rodney Davis
H(R-IL)Millikin ('92)BachelorsPolitical ScienceGovernment Employee0
Peter DeFazio
H(D-OR)Oregon ('77, '77), Tufts ('69, '69)MastersGovernmentGovernment Employee0
Diana DeGette
H(D-CO)New York University ('82) & Colorado College ('79)DoctorateLawLawyer0
John Delaney
H(D-MD)Georgetown ('88) & Columbia ('85)DoctorateLawEntrepreneur0
Rosa DeLauro
H(D-CT)Columbia ('66), Marymount Tarrytown ('64, '64)MastersPolitical ScienceGovernment Employee0
Suzan DelBene
H(D-WA)Reed College & WashingtonBusinessGovernment Employee0
Jeff Denham
H(R-CA)California Polytechnic State ('92) & Victor Valley ('89)BachelorsLiberal ArtsSmall Business Owner0
Charles Dent
H(R-PA)Lehigh ('93) & Penn State ('82)MastersGovernmentGovernment Employee0
Ron DeSantis
H(R-FL)Harvard ('05) & Yale ('01)DoctorateLawAuthor0
Scott DesJarlais
H(R-TN)South Dakota ('91, '87, '87)DoctorateMedicineDoctor4
Mario Diaz-Balart
H(R-FL)South Florida ('82)Did not FinishPolitical ScienceGovernment Employee0
John Dingell
H(D-MI)Georgetown ('52, '49)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Lloyd Doggett
H(D-TX)Texas ('70, '67)DoctorateLawProfessor0
Joe Donnelly
S(D-IN)Notre Dame ('81, '77)DoctorateLawSmall Business Owner1
Mike Doyle
H(D-PA)Penn State ('75)BachelorsLiberal ArtsGovernment Employee0
Sean Duffy
H(R-WI)William Mitchell College of Law ('99) & Saint Mary's University Minnessota ('94)DoctorateLawDistrict Attorney0
Jeff Duncan
H(R-SC)Clemson ('88)BachelorsPolitical ScienceManager0
Jimmy Duncan
H(R-TN)George Washington ('73) & Tennessee ('69)DoctorateLawJudge0
Dick Durbin
S(D-IL)Georgetown ('69, '66, '66)DoctorateLawLawyer17
Renee Ellmers
H(R-NC)Oakland ('90)BachelorsNursingManager2
Jo Ann Emerson
William Enyart
H(D-IL)US Army War College ('00), Southern Illinois Carbondale ('79), Southern Illinois Edwardsville ('74, '74)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Mike Enzi
S(R-WY)Denver ('68) & George Washington ('66)MastersFinancialFinancial Worker4
Anna Eshoo
H(D-CA)Canada College ('75)AssociatesEnglishGovernment Employee0
Elizabeth Esty
H(D-CT)Yale ('85) & Harvard ('81)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Blake Farenthold
H(R-TX)Saint Mary's Texas ('89) & Texas ('85)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Sam Farr
H(D-CA)Willamette University ('63)BachelorsBiologyConsultant0
Stephen Fincher
Deb Fischer
S(R-NE)Nebraska ('88)BachelorsEducationRancher1
Mike Fitzpatrick
H(R-PA)Penn State ('88) & St Thomas University ('85)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Jeff Flake
S(R-AZ)Brigham Young ('87, '86)MastersPolitical ScienceManager38
Chuck Fleischmann
H(R-TN)Tennessee ('86) & Illinois ('83)DoctorateLawLawyer0
John Fleming
H(R-LA)Mississippi ('76, '73)DoctorateMedicineSmall Business Owner0
Bill Flores
H(R-TX)Houston Baptist ('85) & Texas A&M ('76)MastersBusinessManager0
Randy Forbes
H(R-VA)Virginia ('77) & Randolph–Macon College ('74)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee0
Jeff Fortenberry
H(R-NE)Franciscan University ('96), Georgetown ('86) & Louisiana State ('82)MastersReligionGovernment Employee0
Virginia Foxx
H(R-NC)North Carolina at Greensboro ('85), North Carolina at Chapel Hill ('72, '68)DoctorateEducationUniversity President5
Trent Franks
H(R-AZ)Government Employee0
Rodney Frelinghuysen
H(R-NJ)Trinity ('70) & Hobart and William Smith ('69)BachelorsLiberal ArtsGovernment Employee0
John Garamendi
H(D-CA)California Berkeley & HarvardMastersBusinessGovernment Employee0
Cory Gardner
S(R-CO)Colorado at Boulder ('01) & Colorado State ('97)DoctorateLawAuthor0
Scott Garrett
H(R-NJ)Rutgers ('84) & Montclair State ('81)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Jim Gerlach
H(R-PA)Dickinson College ('80, '77)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Bob Gibbs
H(R-OH)Ohio State ('74)BachelorsLiberal ArtsSmall Business Owner0
Chris Gibson
H(R-NY)Cornell ('98, '95) & Siena ('86)DoctorateGovernmentProfessor0
Kirsten Gillibrand
S(D-NY)UCLA ('91) & Dartmouth ('88)DoctorateLawLawyer35
Phil Gingrey
H(R-GA)Georgia Regents ('69) & Georgia Tech ('65)DoctorateMedicineDoctor0
Louie Gohmert
H(R-TX)Baylor ('77) & Texas A&M ('75)DoctorateLawArmy Captain20
Bob Goodlatte
H(R-VA)Washington and Lee University ('77) & Bates College ('74)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Paul Gosar
H(R-AZ)Creighton ('85, '81)DoctorateDentistryDentist2
Trey Gowdy
H(R-SC)University of South Carolina ('89) & Baylor ('86)DoctorateLawUnited States Attorney0
Lindsey Graham
S(R-SC)University of South Carolina ('81, '77)DoctorateLawLawyer20
Kay Granger
H(R-TX)Texas Wesleyan University ('65)BachelorsLiberal ArtsSmall Business Owner0
Chuck Grassley
S(R-IA)Northern Iowa ('56, '55)MastersPolitical ScienceTeacher6
Sam Graves
H(R-MO)Missouri ('86)BachelorsLiberal ArtsFarmers0
Tom Graves
H(R-GA)University of GeorgiaBachelorsBusinessSmall Business Owner0
Gene Green
H(D-TX)Houston ('77, '71)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Tim Griffin
H(R-AR)Tulane ('94) & Hendrix ('90)DoctorateLawUnited States Attorney0
Morgan Griffith
H(R-VA)Washington and Lee University ('83) & Emory and Henry College ('80)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Michael Grimm
H(R-NY)New York University ('02) & City University of New York ('94)DoctorateLawEntrepreneur8
Michelle Lujan Grisham
H(D-NM)New Mexico ('87, '81)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Brett Guthrie
H(R-KY)Yale ('97) & United States Military Academy ('87)MastersBusinessManager0
Kay Hagan
S(D-NC)Wake Forest ('78) & Florida State ('75)DoctorateLawFinancial Worker7
Janice Hahn
H(D-CA)Abilene Christian ('74)BachelorsEducationManager0
Ralph Hall
H(R-TX)Southern Methodist ('51) & Texas ('47)DoctorateLawJudge0
Richard Hanna
H(R-NY)Reed College ('76, '76)BachelorsEconomicsSmall Business Owner0
Tom Harkin
S(D-IA)Catholic University of America ('72), Iowa State ('62, '62)DoctorateLawLawyer2
Gregg Harper
H(R-MS)Mississippi ('81) & Mississippi College ('78)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Andy Harris
H(R-MD)Johns Hopkins ('95, '80, '77)DoctorateMedicineProfessor0
Vicky Hartzler
H(R-MO)Central Missouri ('92) & Missouri ('83)MastersEducationTeacher0
Doc Hastings
H(R-WA)Central Washington University ('64)Did not FinishBusinessManager0
Orrin Hatch
S(R-UT)Pittsburgh ('62) & Brigham Young ('59)DoctorateLawLawyer1
Denny Heck
H(D-WA)Evergreen State College ('73)BachelorsLiberal ArtsGovernment Employee0
Joe Heck
H(R-NV)US Army War College ('06), Philadelphia Osteopathic Medicine ('88) & Penn State ('84)DoctorateMedicineDoctor0
Martin Heinrich
S(D-NM)New Mexico ('02) & Missouri ('95)BachelorsEngineeringGovernment Employee1
Heidi Heitkamp
S(D-ND)Lewis & Clark ('80) & North Dakota ('77)DoctorateLawManager1
Dean Heller
S(R-NV)Southern California ('85)BachelorsBusinessStock Broker1
Jeb Hensarling
H(R-TX)Texas ('82) & Texas A&M ('79)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee1
Brian Higgins
H(D-NY)Harvard ('96), Buffalo State ('95, '85)MastersGovernmentGovernment Employee0
James Himes
H(D-CT)Oxford University ('90) & Harvard ('88)MastersPhilosophyManager0
John Hoeven
S(R-ND)Northwestern ('81) & Dartmouth ('79)MastersBusinessCEO15
George Holding
H(R-NC)Wake Forest & DoctorateLawUnited States Attorney0
Chris Van Hollen
H(D-MD)Georgetown ('90), Harvard ('85) & Swarthmore College ('82)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee0
Rush Holt
H(D-NJ)New York University ('81, '74) & Carleton ('70)DoctoratePhysicsProfessor3
Steny Hoyer
H(D-MD)Georgetown ('66) & Maryland ('63)DoctorateLawLawyer1
Richard Hudson
H(R-NC)North Carolina at Charlotte ('96, '96)BachelorsHistorySmall Business Owner0
Tim Huelskamp
H(R-KS)American ('95, '95) & Santa Fe ('91)DoctorateLiberal ArtsFarmers0
Jared Huffman
H(D-CA)Boston College ('90) & California Santa Barbara ('86)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Bill Huizenga
H(R-MI)Calvin ('92)BachelorsPolitical ScienceGovernment Employee0
Randy Hultgren
H(R-IL)Illinois Institute of Technology ('93) & Bethel ('88)DoctorateLawSmall Business Owner0
Duncan Hunter
H(R-CA)San Diego State ('01)BachelorsBusinessManager0
Robert Hurt
H(R-VA)Mississippi College ('95) & Hampden Sydney College ('91)DoctorateLawLawyer0
James Inhofe
S(R-OK)Tulsa ('73)BachelorsEconomicsPresident67
Johnny Isakson
S(R-GA)University of Georgia ('66)BachelorsBusinessCEO1
Darrell Issa
H(R-CA)Kent State ('76) & Siena Heights ('76)BachelorsBusinessEntrepreneur14
Lynn Jenkins
H(R-KS)Weber State ('85, '85) & Kansas State ('84)BachelorsEconomicsFinancial Worker0
Mike Johanns
S(R-NE)Creighton ('74) & Saint Mary's University Minnessota ('71)DoctorateLawLawyer1
Bill Johnson
H(R-OH)Georgia Tech ('84) & Troy ('79)MastersLiberal ArtsEntrepreneur0
Ron Johnson
S(R-WI)Minnesota ('79, '77)BachelorsAccountingFinancial Worker1
Sam Johnson
H(R-TX)George Washington ('74) & Southern Methodist ('51)MastersScience\TechnicalAuthor0
Tim Johnson
S(D-SD)South Dakota ('75, '70, '69)DoctorateLawLawyer1
David Jolly
H(R-FL)George Mason ('01) & Emory ('94)DoctorateLawManager0
Walter Jones
H(R-NC)Atlantic Christian ('66) & North Carolina State ('65)BachelorsHistorySalesperson0
Jim Jordan
H(R-OH)Capital University ('01), Ohio State ('91) & Wisconsin ('86)DoctorateLawAthlete0
David Joyce
H(R-OH)Dayton & DoctorateLawLawyer0
Bob Casey Jr.
S(D-PA)Catholic University of America ('88) & College of the Holy Cross ('82)DoctorateLawLawyer1
Tim Kaine
S(D-VA)Harvard ('83) & Missouri ('79)DoctorateLawLawyer47
Marcy Kaptur
H(D-OH)Massachusetts Institute of Technology ('82), Michigan ('74) & Wisconsin ('68)DoctorateLiberal ArtsGovernment Employee4
William Keating
H(D-MA)Suffolk ('85), Boston College ('82, '74)DoctorateLawDistrict Attorney0
Mike Kelly
H(R-PA)Notre Dame ('70)BachelorsLiberal ArtsSmall Business Owner0
Joe Kennedy
H(D-MA)Harvard ('09), Stanford ('03, '03)DoctorateLawDistrict Attorney11
John Kerry
S(D-MA)Yale ('66)BachelorsPolitical ScienceNavy Lieutenant193
Dan Kildee
H(D-MI)Central Michigan ('08)BachelorsLiberal ArtsManager0
Derek Kilmer
H(D-WA)Princeton, Oxford University & DoctoratePublic PolicyManager0
Ron Kind
H(D-WI)Minnesota ('90), London School of Economics ('86) & Harvard ('85)DoctorateLawDistrict Attorney0
Angus King
S(I-ME)Virginia ('69) & Dartmouth ('66)DoctorateLawLawyer1
Peter King
H(R-NY)Notre Dame ('68) & Saint Francis ('65)DoctorateLawLawyer11
Steve King
H(R-IA)Northwest Missouri State ('70)Did not FinishLiberal ArtsSmall Business Owner59
Jack Kingston
H(R-GA)University of Georgia ('78)BachelorsEconomicsManager5
Adam Kinzinger
H(R-IL)Illinois State ('00)BachelorsLiberal ArtsAir National Guard 0
Mark Kirk
S(R-IL)Georgetown ('92), London School of Economics ('82) & Cornell ('81)DoctorateLawLawyer2
Ann Kirkpatrick
H(D-AZ)Arizona & DoctorateLawProfessor0
John Kline
H(R-MN)Shippensburg University ('88) & Rice ('69)MastersGovernmentPilot0
Amy Klobuchar
S(D-MN)University of Chicago ('85) & Yale ('82)DoctorateLawLawyer10
Annie Kuster
H(D-NH)Georgetown ('83) & Dartmouth ('78)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Doug LaMalfa
H(R-CA)California Polytechnic State ('82, '82)BachelorsBusinessSmall Business Owner0
Doug Lamborn
H(R-CO)Kansas ('85, '78)DoctorateLawLawyer2
Leonard Lance
H(R-NJ)Princeton ('82), Vanderbilt ('77) & Lehigh ('74)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Mary Landrieu
S(D-LA)Louisiana State ('77)BachelorsLiberal ArtsReal Estate Agent17
Jim Langevin
H(D-RI)Harvard ('94) & Rhode Island College ('90)MastersPublic Policy0
James Lankford
H(R-OK)Southwestern Baptist Theological ('94) & Texas ('90)MastersReligionMissionary0
Rick Larsen
H(D-WA)Minnesota ('90) & Pacific Lutheran ('87)MastersPublic PolicyGovernment Employee0
John Larson
H(D-CT)Central Connecticut State ('71)BachelorsEducationManager0
Tom Latham
H(R-IA)Iowa State ('70) & Wartburg ('67)Did not FinishLiberal ArtsSmall Business Owner0
Robert Latta
H(R-OH)Toledo ('81) & Bowling Green State ('78)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Patrick Leahy
S(D-VT)Georgetown ('64) & Saint Michael's College ('61)DoctorateLawLawyer1
Mike Lee
S(R-UT)Brigham Young ('97, '94)DoctorateLawLawyer3
Daniel Lipinski
H(D-IL)Duke ('98), Stanford ('89) & Northwestern ('88)DoctoratePolitical ScienceProfessor0
Frank LoBiondo
H(R-NJ)Saint Joseph's ('68)BachelorsBusinessManager0
David Loebsack
H(D-IA)California Davis ('85), Iowa State ('76, '74)DoctoratePolitical ScienceProfessor0
Zoe Lofgren
H(D-CA)Santa Clara ('75) & Stanford ('70)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Billy Long
H(R-MO)Missouri ('76)Did not FinishLiberal ArtsRadio Host0
Frank Lucas
H(R-OK)Oklahoma State ('82)BachelorsEconomicsFarmers0
Blaine Luetkemeyer
H(R-MO)Lincoln University Missouri ('74)BachelorsPolitical ScienceFinancial Worker0
Cynthia Lummis
H(R-WY)Wyoming ('85, '78, '76)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee0
Stephen Lynch
H(D-MA)Harvard ('99), Boston College ('91) & Wentworth Institute of Technology ('88)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Dan Maffei
H(D-NY)Harvard ('95), Columbia ('91) & Brown ('90)MastersGovernmentProfessor0
Carolyn Maloney
H(D-NY)Greensboro ('68)BachelorsLiberal ArtsTeacher0
Sean Patrick Maloney
H(D-NY)Virginia ('92, '88)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Joe Manchin
S(D-WV)West Virginia ('70)BachelorsBusinessSmall Business Owner5
Kenny Marchant
H(R-TX)Southern Nazarene University ('74)BachelorsBusinessSmall Business Owner0
Tom Marino
H(R-PA)Penn State ('88), Lycoming College ('85) & Williamsport Area Community College ('83)DoctorateLawUnited States Attorney0
Ed Markey
S(D-MA)Boston College ('72, '68)DoctorateLawLawyer4
Thomas Massie
H(R-KY)Massachusetts Institute of Technology ('96, '93, '93)MastersEngineeringEngineer0
Jim Matheson
H(D-UT)UCLA ('87) & Harvard ('82)MastersBusinessSmall Business Owner0
Vance McAllister
H(R-LA)Small Business Owner36
John McCain
S(R-AZ)United States Naval Academy ('58)BachelorsLiberal ArtsNavy Captain214
Carolyn McCarthy
H(D-NY)Glen Cove Nursing ('64)BachelorsNursingHealthcare Worker0
Kevin McCarthy
H(R-CA)California State Bakersfield ('94, '89)MastersBusinessSmall Business Owner85
Claire McCaskill
S(D-MO)Missouri ('77, '75)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee4
Michael McCaul
H(R-TX)Saint Mary's Texas ('87), Trinity ('84, '84)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Tom McClintock
H(R-CA)UCLA ('78)BachelorsPolitical ScienceJournalist0
Betty McCollum
H(D-MN)St Catherine University ('87) & Inver Hill Community ('80)BachelorsLiberal ArtsTeacher0
Mitch McConnell
S(R-KY)Kentucky ('67) & Louisville ('64)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee158
Jim McDermott
H(D-WA)Illinois ('63) & Wheaton College ('58)DoctorateMedicineGovernment Employee0
Jim McGovern
H(D-MA)American ('84, '81)MastersGovernmentGovernment Employee0
Patrick McHenry
H(R-NC)Belmont Abbey College ('99) & North Carolina State ('97)BachelorsHistoryGovernment Employee0
Mike McIntyre
H(D-NC)North Carolina at Chapel Hill ('81, '78)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Buck McKeon
H(R-CA)Brigham Young ('85)BachelorsVeterinarySmall Business Owner3
David McKinley
H(R-WV)Purdue ('69)BachelorsCivil EngineeringProfessor0
Jerry McNerney
H(D-CA)New Mexico ('81, '75, '73)DoctorateMathCEO0
Mark Meadows
H(R-NC)South Florida & Florida StateBachelorsLiberal ArtsSmall Business Owner0
Pat Meehan
H(R-PA)Temple ('86) & Bowdoin College ('78)DoctorateLawUnited States Attorney0
Jeff Merkley
S(D-OR)Princeton ('82) & Stanford ('79)MastersPublic PolicyGovernment Employee11
Luke Messer
H(R-IN)Vanderbilt ('94) & Wabash ('91)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee0
John Mica
H(R-FL)Florida ('67) & Miami Dade College ('65)BachelorsEducationManager7
Mike Michaud
Barbara Mikulski
S(D-MD)Maryland ('65) & Mount Saint Agnes ('58)MastersSocial ServicesProfessor1
Candice Miller
H(R-MI)Northwood ('74) & Macomb County Community ('73)Did not FinishLiberal Arts0
Gary Miller
H(R-CA)Mount San AntonioDid not FinishLiberal ArtsEntrepreneur0
George Miller
H(D-CA)California Davis ('72), San Francisco State ('68) & Diablo Valley ('66)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Jeff Miller
H(R-FL)Florida ('84)BachelorsJournalismPolice Officer6
Jerry Moran
S(R-KS)Kansas ('81, '76)DoctorateLawProfessor1
Jim Moran
H(D-VA)Pittsburgh ('70) & College of the Holy Cross ('67)MastersPublic PolicyFinancial Worker0
Markwayne Mullin
H(R-OK)Missouri Valley College ('96)Did not FinishLiberal ArtsSmall Business Owner0
Lisa Murkowski
S(R-AK)Willamette University ('85) & Georgetown ('80)DoctorateLawLawyer3
Chris Murphy
S(D-CT)Connecticut ('02), Williams College ('96, '96)DoctorateLawConsultant2
Patrick Murphy
H(D-FL)Miami ('06) & Miami ('06)BachelorsAccountingFinancial Worker0
Tim Murphy
H(R-PA)Pittsburgh ('79), Cleveland State ('76) & Wheeling Jesuit University ('74)DoctoratePsychologySmall Business Owner0
Patty Murray
S(D-WA)Washington State ('72)BachelorsEducationProfessor2
Richard Neal
H(D-MA)Hartford ('76) & American International ('72)MastersGovernmentGovernment Employee0
Bill Nelson
S(D-FL)Virginia ('68), Yale ('65) & Florida ('63)DoctorateLawLawyer37
Randy Neugebauer
H(R-TX)Texas Tech ('72)BachelorsAccountingManager27
Kristi Noem
H(R-SD)South Dakota State ('94)Did not FinishPolitical ScienceRancher0
Rick Nolan
H(D-MN)Maryland ('67) & Minnesota ('66)BachelorsEducationTeacher0
Rich Nugent
H(R-FL)Troy ('95) & Saint Leo ('90)MastersGovernmentPolice Officer0
Alan Nunnelee
H(R-MS)Mississippi State ('80)BachelorsLiberal ArtsManager0
Pete Olson
H(R-TX)Texas ('88) & Rice ('85)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee0
Beto O'Rourke
H(D-TX)Columbia ('95)BachelorsEnglishSmall Business Owner31
Bill Owens
H(D-NY)Fordham ('74) & Manhattan ('71)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Steven Palazzo
H(R-MS)Southern Mississippi ('96, '94)MastersAccountingFinancial Worker0
Frank Pallone
H(D-NJ)Rutgers ('78), Tufts ('75) & Middlebury ('73)DoctorateLawProfessor3
Bill Pascrell
H(D-NJ)Fordham ('61, '59)MastersPhilosophyProfessor0
Rand Paul
S(R-KY)Duke ('88) & Baylor ('84)DoctorateOptometryDoctor65
Erik Paulsen
H(R-MN)Saint Olaf ('87)BachelorsMathGovernment Employee0
Steve Pearce
H(R-NM)Eastern New Mexico ('91) & New Mexico State ('70)MastersBusinessPilot0
Ed Perlmutter
H(D-CO)Colorado at Boulder ('78, '75, '75, '75)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Scott Perry
H(R-PA)US Army War College ('02) & Penn State ('91)MastersInternational RelationsEntrepreneur0
Gary Peters
S(D-MI)Michigan State ('07, '07), Wayne State University ('89), Detroit Mercy ('85) & Alma ('80)DoctorateLawProfessor1
Scott Peters
H(D-CA)Duke & New York UniversityDoctorateLawLawyer0
Collin Peterson
H(D-MN)Minnesota State Moorhead ('66, '66)BachelorsBusinessFinancial Worker0
Thomas Petri
H(R-WI)Harvard ('65, '62)DoctorateLawAuthor0
Chellie Pingree
H(D-ME)College of the Atlantic ('76)BachelorsHealth CareCEO0
Robert Pittenger
H(R-NC)Texas ('70, '70)BachelorsPsychologyFinancial Worker0
Joseph Pitts
H(R-PA)West Chester University ('72), Asbury University ('61, '61)MastersBiologySmall Business Owner0
Ted Poe
H(R-TX)Houston ('73) & Abilene Christian ('70)DoctorateLawJudge0
Rob Portman
S(R-OH)Michigan ('84) & Dartmouth ('79)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee22
Bill Posey
H(R-FL)Brevard College ('69)AssociatesLiberal ArtsManager0
David Price
H(D-NC)Yale ('69, '64), North Carolina at Chapel Hill ('61, '61)DoctoratePolitical ScienceGovernment Employee0
Mark Pryor
S(D-AR)Arkansas ('88, '85)DoctorateLawLawyer1
Mike Quigley
H(D-IL)Loyola Chicago ('89), University of Chicago ('85) & Roosevelt ('81)DoctorateLawProfessor0
Trey Radel
H(R-FL)Loyola ChicagoBachelorsCommunicationsJournalist13
Jack Reed
S(D-RI)Harvard ('82, '73) & United States Military Academy ('71)DoctorateLawLawyer1
Tom Reed
H(R-NY)Ohio Northern ('96) & Alfred ('93)DoctorateLawSmall Business Owner0
David Reichert
H(R-WA)Concordia ('70)AssociatesSocial ServicesPolice Officer0
Harry Reid
S(D-NV)George Washington ('64), Utah State ('61) & Southern Utah ('59)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee74
Jim Renacci
H(R-OH)Indiana University Pennsylvania ('80)BachelorsBusinessCEO0
Reid Ribble
H(R-WI)Cornerstone UniversityDid not FinishReligionEntrepreneur0
Tom Rice
H(R-SC)University of South Carolina ('82, '79, '77)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Scott Rigell
H(R-VA)Regent University ('90), Mercer ('83) & Brevard Junior College ('81)MastersBusinessEntrepreneur0
Jim Risch
S(R-ID)Idaho ('68, '65)DoctorateLawTeacher1
Pat Roberts
S(R-KS)Kansas State ('58)BachelorsJournalismJournalist9
Martha Roby
H(R-AL)Samford ('01) & New York University ('98)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Jay Rockefeller
S(D-WV)Harvard ('61, '61)BachelorsHistoryUniversity President1
Cathy McMorris Rodgers
H(R-WA)Washington ('02) & Pensacola Christian College ('90)MastersBusinessGovernment Employee1
Phil Roe
H(R-TN)Tennessee ('73) & Austin Peay State ('67)DoctorateMedicineDoctor0
Hal Rogers
H(R-KY)Kentucky ('64, '62)BachelorsLawLawyer0
Mike Rogers
H(R-AL)Birmingham Law ('91), Jacksonville State ('84, '81)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Mike Rogers
H(R-MI)Adrian ('85, '85)BachelorsSociologyFederal Law Enforcement9
Dana Rohrabacher
H(R-CA)Southern California ('75) & California State Long Beach ('69)MastersHistoryGovernment Employee1
Todd Rokita
H(R-IN)Indiana ('95) & Wabash ('92)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Thomas Rooney
H(R-FL)Miami ('99), Florida ('96), Washington & Jefferson ('93) & Syracuse ('89)DoctorateLawProfessor0
Peter Roskam
H(R-IL)Illinois Institute of Technology ('89) & Illinois ('83)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee0
Dennis Ross
H(R-FL)Samford ('87) & Auburn ('81)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Keith Rothfus
H(R-PA)Notre Dame ('94) & Buffalo State ('84)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee0
Edward Royce
H(R-CA)California State Fullerton ('77, '77)BachelorsAccountingSmall Business Owner0
Jon Runyan
H(R-NJ)Michigan ('95)Did not FinishLiberal ArtsAthlete0
Dutch Ruppersberger
H(D-MD)University of Baltimore ('70) & Maryland ('67)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee0
Tim Ryan
H(D-OH)New Hampshire ('00) & Bowling Green State ('95)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee0
Matt Salmon
H(R-AZ)Brigham Young ('86) & Arizona State ('81)MastersGovernmentManager0
Mark Sanford
H(R-SC)Virginia ('88) & Furman ('83)MastersBusinessSmall Business Owner17
John Sarbanes
H(D-MD)Harvard ('88) & Princeton ('84)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Steve Scalise
H(R-LA)Louisiana State ('89)BachelorsComputer ScienceEngineer90
Kurt Schrader
H(D-OR)Illinois ('77) & Cornell ('73)DoctorateVeterinarySmall Business Owner0
David Schweikert
H(R-AZ)Arizona State ('05, '88, '88) & Scottsdale Community ('85)MastersBusinessReal Estate Agent1
Austin Scott
H(R-GA)University of Georgia ('93, '93)BachelorsBusinessInsurance Agent2
James Sensenbrenner
H(R-WI)Wisconsin ('68) & Stanford ('65)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Pete Sessions
H(R-TX)Southwestern University ('78)BachelorsLiberal ArtsManager1
Jeanne Shaheen
S(D-NH)Mississippi ('73) & Shippensburg University ('69)MastersSocial ServicesProfessor1
Carol Shea-Porter
H(D-NH)New Hampshire & MastersGovernmentSocial Worker0
Richard Shelby
S(R-AL)University of Alabama ('63, '57)DoctorateLawLawyer2
John Shimkus
H(R-IL)Southern Illinois Edwardsville ('97), United States Military Academy ('80) & ConcordiaMastersBusinessTeacher3
Bill Shuster
H(R-PA)American ('87), Dickinson College & MastersBusinessFarmers0
Michael Simpson
H(R-ID)Washington University ('77) & Utah State ('72)DoctorateDentistryDentist0
Albio Sires
H(D-NJ)Middlebury ('83)MastersForeign LanguageTeacher0
Louise Slaughter
H(D-NY)Kentucky ('53, '51)MastersHealth CareGovernment Employee0
Adam Smith
H(D-WA)Washington ('90) & Fordham ('87)DoctorateLawJudge0
Adrian Smith
H(R-NE)Nebraska ('93) & Liberty ('90)BachelorsEducationReal Estate Agent0
Christopher Smith
H(R-NJ)College of New Jersey ('75)BachelorsBusinessManager0
Jason Smith
H(R-MO)Oklahoma City University ('04), Missouri ('02, '02)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Lamar Smith
H(R-TX)Southern Methodist ('75) & Yale ('69)DoctorateLawJournalist0
Steve Southerland
H(R-FL)Jefferson State ('89) & Troy ('87)BachelorsBusinessSmall Business Owner0
Jackie Speier
H(D-CA)Hastings ('76) & California Davis ('72)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Debbie Stabenow
S(D-MI)Michigan State ('75, '72)MastersSocial ServicesSocial Worker3
Chris Stewart
H(R-UT)Utah State ('84)BachelorsEconomicsAuthor0
Steve Stivers
H(R-OH)Ohio State ('96, '89, '89)MastersBusinessGovernment Employee0
Steve Stockman