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Diane BlackH(R)Tennessee9.300
Sherrod BrownS(D)Ohio13.340Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown says he's tired of China "bullyi...2012-01-30
Larry BucshonH(R)Indiana9.300
Lois CappsH(D)California22.100
John CarterH(R)Texas17.300
Joni ErnstS(R)Iowa5.3275Joni Ernst labeled the "Perfect Choice" to deliver the Repu...2015-01-29
Cory GardnerS(R)Colorado5.304
Denny HeckH(D)Washington7.300
Martin HeinrichS(D)New Mexico7.311Meet the Five Poorest Senators2013-01-22
Ron JohnsonS(R)Wisconsin9.311Deny Coverage To Cancer Patients Because ‘Our Nation Was Ba...2012-06-29
Ron KindH(D)Wisconsin23.300
Zoe LofgrenH(D)California25.300
Cynthia LummisH(R)Wyoming11.300
Jeff MerkleyS(D)Oregon11.3118the Monsanto Protection Act2013-07-18
Erik PaulsenH(R)Minnesota11.300
Scott PetersH(D)California7.300
Collin PetersonH(D)Minnesota29.300
Chellie PingreeH(D)Maine11.300
David ReichertH(R)Washington15.300
Ben SasseS(R)Nebraska5.300
John ShimkusH(R)Illinois23.330Doesn't Matter if We Desttroy the Environment... God Promis...2010-11-14
Bill ShusterH(R)Pennsylvania18.900
Tim WalzH(D)Minnesota13.311Walz and Franken are looking to speed up veteran benefit di...2013-07-03