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Richard BurrS(R)North Carolina15.329Richard Burr holds up Duckworth nomination2009-05-02
G. K. ButterfieldH(D)North Carolina15.700
Howard CobleH(R)North Carolina35.300
Renee EllmersH(R)North Carolina9.321Renee Ellmers (R) Rep NC \ Flub about men and babies2013-11-02
Virginia FoxxH(R)North Carolina15.352Student loan rates to double...if Republicans get there way2012-04-21
George HoldingH(R)North Carolina7.300
Richard HudsonH(R)North Carolina7.300
Walter JonesH(R)North Carolina25.301
Patrick McHenryH(R)North Carolina15.300
Mike McIntyreH(D)North Carolina23.300
Mark MeadowsH(R)North Carolina7.301
Robert PittengerH(R)North Carolina7.300
David PriceH(D)North Carolina33.300
Thom TillisS(R)North Carolina5.365Well, Kay Hagan lost The Race. What's Next for NC?2014-11-11