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Lamar Alexander(R)Tennessee17.919Alexander and Johanns continue the war against the middle c...2012-07-15
Kelly Ayotte(R)New Hampshire9.955New Bi-partisan effort to help Veterans, Led by Jeanne Shah...2012-04-30
Tammy Baldwin(D)Wisconsin7.931Democratic Senators Baldwin's and Booker's The Stronger Way...2016-07-24
John Barrasso(R)Wyoming13.422Journalists allowing politicians to not answer the question...2012-08-29
Michael Bennet(D)Colorado11.921Ken Buck refuses to answer basic questions on tax measures2010-10-13
Richard Blumenthal(D)Connecticut9.912Blumenthal new tobacco fight2012-04-28
Roy Blunt(R)Missouri9.925Warner, Blunt and a few others join up on a bipartisan job...2012-08-03
Cory Booker(D)New Jersey7.12917the man-child in the Oval Office2020-01-16
John Boozman(R)Arkansas9.912John Kerry and John Boozman fight for the internet2012-09-26
Barbara Boxer(D)California27.933torturous use of shock instruments to control children in c...2012-05-27
Sherrod Brown(D)Ohio13.940Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown says he's tired of China "bullyi...2012-01-30
Richard Burr(R)North Carolina15.929Richard Burr holds up Duckworth nomination2009-05-02
Maria Cantwell(D)Washington19.910Cantwell keeps refusing PAC money2012-04-29
Shelley Moore Capito(R)West Virginia5.900
Ben Cardin(D)Maryland13.932Cardin's anit-racial profiling bill2012-04-30
Tom Carper(D)Delaware19.912Tom Carper's Idea for the post office.2012-04-27
Bill Cassidy(R)Louisiana5.942Louisiana Senate Race Goes To Run-Off2014-11-04
Daniel Coats(R)Indiana31.914Coats crosses the aisle to back up Reid2012-10-16
Tom Coburn(R)Oklahoma15.91313Both Oklahoma Senator's voted against hurricane Sandy r...2013-05-21
Thad Cochran(R)Mississippi41.918Republicans in the pocket of bug oil2012-03-30
Susan Collins(R)Maine23.9211hope & faith2018-10-16
Chris Coons(D)Delaware1013Coons' addendum to the Buffett Rule2012-04-29
Bob Corker(R)Tennessee13.93410Senator Corker's Jaw Dropping NYT Interview About Donald2017-10-17
John Cornyn(R)Texas1832Does Cornyn have a good basis for immigration reform?2011-08-16
Tom Cotton(R)Arkansas5.9885Senate Republicans Do Netanyahu's Bidding; Attempt to Sabot...2015-03-24
Mike Crapo(R)Idaho21.923Anti-Drinking Congressman Arrested for DUI2012-12-23
Ted Cruz(R)Texas7.925177Donald Trump versus Ted Cruz versus John Kasich2016-06-15
Steve Daines(R)Montana5.900
Joe Donnelly(D)Indiana7.917Mourdock just handed the race to Donnelly2012-10-31
Dick Durbin(D)Illinois23.9176Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) has declared War on Social Security...2013-10-30
Mike Enzi(R)Wyoming23.943Liz Cheney to Challenge Mike Enzi2013-07-18
Joni Ernst(R)Iowa5.9275Joni Ernst labeled the "Perfect Choice" to deliver the Repu...2015-01-29
Dianne Feinstein(D)California28.1158Who's the Traitor?2013-12-05
Deb Fischer(R)Nebraska7.911Dem Seat at risk in Nebraska2012-07-15
Jeff Flake(R)Arizona7.9381Senator Jeff Flake Excoriates Donald in Retirement Speech2018-11-29
Al Franken(D)Minnesota11.47413Majority of Democratic Senators Call on Senator Franken to...2019-07-29
Cory Gardner(R)Colorado5.904
Kirsten Gillibrand(D)New York11.8356Kirsten Gillibrand proposes Postal Banking2018-05-03
Lindsey Graham(R)South Carolina17.9208War warning?2017-12-05
Chuck Grassley(R)Iowa39.961Fast & Furious2012-07-19
Kamala Harris(D)California3.91074Biden chooses Kamala Harris as his VP running mate2020-08-19
Orrin Hatch(R)Utah43.910Hatch under the impression that Obama camp with attack Morm...2012-10-06
Martin Heinrich(D)New Mexico7.911Meet the Five Poorest Senators2013-01-22
Heidi Heitkamp(D)North Dakota7.912Heitkamp was named Best Candidate for 20122012-11-22
Dean Heller(R)Nevada9.612Heller and Berkley are polar opposites in Nevada race2012-10-21
Mazie Hirono(D)Hawaii7.921Sequestration could uniquely effect Hawaii2013-02-12
John Hoeven(R)North Dakota9.9151Senate Republicans Have Hijacked Immigration Reform2013-06-26
James Inhofe(R)Oklahoma266715The harmful effects of a scientist going "rogue"2015-03-10
Johnny Isakson(R)Georgia15.910Isakson has a 'plan B' for the Affordable Care Act2012-10-14
Ron Johnson(R)Wisconsin9.911Deny Coverage To Cancer Patients Because ‘Our Nation Was Ba...2012-06-29
Bob Casey Jr.(D)Pennsylvania13.913Casey's Campaign strategy for the Pennsylvania Senate seat2012-03-12
Tim Kaine(D)Virginia7.9472V.P townhall show tonight2016-10-06
Angus King(I)Maine7.912Independent Angus King wins in Maine2012-11-07
Mark Kirk(R)Illinois1025Possible Mark Kirk new scandal2012-05-30
Amy Klobuchar(D)Minnesota13.9105Amy Klobuchar2019-04-22
Patrick Leahy(D)Vermont45.915Leahy and Klobuchar push for the renewal of domestic abuse...2012-04-28
Mike Lee(R)Utah9.934Senator Lee Caught up in Campaign Money Laundering Scandal2014-06-05
Joe Manchin(D)West Virginia1056Joe Manchin Might not vote for Obama because of his Big Coa...2018-05-15
Ed Markey(D)Massachusetts7.443Markey Wins Massachusetts Special Election2013-06-26
John McCain(R)Arizona31.621434John McCain stopping treatnent.2019-06-07
Claire McCaskill(D)Missouri13.946Rural Post offices to stay open for a little while longer.2012-04-29
Mitch McConnell(R)Kentucky35.916945Impeach Mitch McConnell!2020-11-06
Bob Menendez(D)New Jersey14.916Senator Bob Menendez Honored as BIO Legislator of the Year2012-04-28
Jeff Merkley(D)Oregon11.9118the Monsanto Protection Act2013-07-18
Barbara Mikulski(D)Maryland33.914Mikilski focuses on Biotech jobs to help Maryland economy2012-04-24
Jerry Moran(R)Kansas9.911Republicans in the pocket of bug oil2012-03-30
Lisa Murkowski(R)Alaska17.932Lisa Murkowski gets it...too bad her Republican colleagues...2012-04-10
Chris Murphy(D)Connecticut7.923Senate Race Smackdown Report: Chris Murphy defeats former W...2012-11-06
Patty Murray(D)Washington27.927Patty Murray finds Veterans Affairs wait time "deeply...2012-05-02
Bill Nelson(D)Florida19.9374Trump legitimized thievery.2018-11-12
Rand Paul(R)Kentucky9.96543Rand Paul's Repeal Bill2017-09-30
David Perdue(R)Georgia5.9210Perdue/Nunn Square-Off In Georgia Senate Race2014-11-04
Gary Peters(D)Michigan7.913Peters Win's Big in Michigan2014-11-04
John Podesta(D)00
Rob Portman(R)Ohio9.9221Senator Portman and His Switch on Gay Marriage2013-03-19
Jack Reed(D)Rhode Island23.914Carl Levin and Jack Reed heading to Middle East2012-04-30
Harry Reid(D)Nevada33.97734Harry Reid Forces Republicans to Roll Over in Filibuster Fi...2020-09-23
Jim Risch(R)Idaho11.911Idaho senators oppose caribou-habitat plan2012-07-25
Pat Roberts(R)Kansas23.997Can Orman Be the Man who Keeps the Senate Blue?2014-11-04
Mitt Romney(R)Utah1.91629162Mitt Romney's editorial on Trump2020-03-08
Mike Rounds(R)South Dakota5.901
Marco Rubio(R)Florida9.92834Marco Rubio's "win" in South Carolina2016-02-22
Bernie Sanders(D)Vermont13.9196187My Candidate is firming Trump supporters.2020-10-30
Ben Sasse(R)Nebraska5.900
Brian Schatz(D)Hawaii7.920Sen Brian Schatz: Don't play the "pay-for" game2018-03-20
Chuck Schumer(D)New York21.9587Rod Rosenstein2019-02-19
Tim Scott(R)South Carolina7.914Stephen Colbert's sister running for Tim Scott's va...2013-02-08
Jeanne Shaheen(D)New Hampshire11.914New Bi-partisan effort to help Veterans, Led by Jeanne Shah...2012-04-30
Richard Shelby(R)Alabama33.922Shelby and Sessions actions don't support claims2012-10-21
Debbie Stabenow(D)Michigan19.935Pete Hoekstra's Racist Ad During Super Bowl2012-02-21
Dan Sullivan(R)Alaska5.900
Jon Tester(D)Montana13.951Montana's tossup Senate election.2012-07-16
John Thune(R)South Dakota15.930John Thune as Romney's VP2012-06-21
Thom Tillis(R)North Carolina5.965Well, Kay Hagan lost The Race. What's Next for NC?2014-11-11
Pat Toomey(R)Pennsylvania9.984Do you think Pat Toomey will hold up the supercommittee's d...2011-08-28
Tom Udall(D)New Mexico11.912Bingaman and Udall introduce legislation to protect2012-04-29
David Vitter(R)Louisiana15.94112Family Values Congressmen Caught Cheating on Wife2014-04-10
Mark Warner(D)Virginia11.923Warner, Blunt and a few others join up on a bipartisan job...2012-08-03
Elizabeth Warren(D)Massachusetts7.940247Bernie and Elizabeth can save us2020-03-16
Sheldon Whitehouse(D)Rhode Island13.931Senator Whitehouse blasts the "Senator with the snowball"2015-02-27
Roger Wicker(R)Mississippi12.923Arrest Made in Ricin Laced Letters Sent to Senator and Pres...2013-04-17
Ron Wyden(D)Oregon24.823Wyden-Ryan Plan2012-05-01