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John CornynS(R)Senate WhipTexas1832Does Cornyn have a good basis for immigration reform?2011-08-16
Steny HoyerH(D)House WhipMaryland39.510House Democratic Leadership stays the same2012-11-30
Kevin McCarthyH(R)House LeaderCalifornia13.9858The Inquisition of Hillary Rodham Clinton2015-10-26
Mitch McConnellS(R)Senate LeaderKentucky35.916945Impeach Mitch McConnell!2020-11-06
Nancy PelosiH(D)Speaker of the HouseCalifornia17.934919Nancy Pelosi2020-10-18
Harry ReidS(D)Senate LeaderNevada33.97734Harry Reid Forces Republicans to Roll Over in Filibuster Fi...2020-09-23
Paul RyanH(R)Speaker of the HouseWisconsin21.945764Paul Ryan outlines demands to the Freedom Caucus2020-07-26
Steve ScaliseH(R)House WhipLouisiana12.6908Gunman opens fire on Congressional baseball practice2017-06-20
Chuck SchumerS(D)Senate LeaderNew York21.9587Rod Rosenstein2019-02-19