35 Committee Chairs
Committee Chair
WebsitesLatest ContentContent Date
Debbie Stabenow(D)Michigan20.7 Debbie Stabenow Wikipedia Bio Debbie Stabenow Facebook Page Debbie Stabenow Twitter Page Debbie Stabenow Youtube Page35Pete Hoekstra's Racist Ad During Super Bowl2012-02-21
Barbara Mikulski(D)Maryland34.7 Barbara Mikulski Wikipedia Bio Barbara Mikulski Facebook Page Barbara Mikulski Twitter Page Barbara Mikulski Youtube Page14Mikilski focuses on Biotech jobs to help Maryland economy2012-04-24
Carl Levin(D)Michigan6.7 Carl Levin Wikipedia Bio35oil tar sands2013-03-04
Tim Johnson(D)South Dakota24.7 Tim Johnson Wikipedia Bio11Johnson pushes for House Republicans to pass Farm Bill2012-11-29
Patty Murray(D)Washington28.7 Patty Murray Wikipedia Bio Patty Murray Facebook Page Patty Murray Twitter Page Patty Murray Youtube Page27Patty Murray finds Veterans Affairs wait time "deeply...2012-05-02
Jay Rockefeller(D)West Virginia6.7 Jay Rockefeller Wikipedia Bio11Rockefeller asks Obama to speed up Afghan troop removal2012-04-29
Ron Wyden(D)Oregon25.6 Ron Wyden Wikipedia Bio Ron Wyden Facebook Page Ron Wyden Twitter Page Ron Wyden Youtube Page23Wyden-Ryan Plan2012-05-01
Barbara Boxer(D)California28.7 Barbara Boxer Wikipedia Bio Barbara Boxer Facebook Page Barbara Boxer Twitter Page Barbara Boxer Youtube Page33torturous use of shock instruments to control children in c...2012-05-27
Max Baucus(D)Montana7.6 Max Baucus Wikipedia Bio Max Baucus Facebook Page Max Baucus Twitter Page Max Baucus Youtube Page51Tax Proposal Submitted to Senator Baucus for Tax Reform2013-05-27
Bob Menendez(D)New Jersey15.7 Bob Menendez Wikipedia Bio Bob Menendez Facebook Page Bob Menendez Twitter Page Bob Menendez Youtube Page16Senator Bob Menendez Honored as BIO Legislator of the Year2012-04-28
Tom Harkin(D)Iowa6.7 Tom Harkin Wikipedia Bio26Rebuild America Act2012-04-28
Tom Carper(D)Delaware20.7 Tom Carper Wikipedia Bio Tom Carper Facebook Page Tom Carper Twitter Page Tom Carper Youtube Page12Tom Carper's Idea for the post office.2012-04-27
Patrick Leahy(D)Vermont46.7 Patrick Leahy Wikipedia Bio Patrick Leahy Facebook Page Patrick Leahy Twitter Page Patrick Leahy Youtube Page15Leahy and Klobuchar push for the renewal of domestic abuse...2012-04-28
Chuck Schumer(D)New York22.7 Chuck Schumer Wikipedia Bio Chuck Schumer Facebook Page Chuck Schumer Twitter Page587Rod Rosenstein2019-02-19
Bernie Sanders(D)Vermont14.7 Bernie Sanders Wikipedia Bio Bernie Sanders Facebook Page Bernie Sanders Twitter Page Bernie Sanders Youtube Page197287My Candidate is firming Trump supporters.2021-08-06
Candice Miller(R)Michigan18.7 Candice Miller Wikipedia Bio Candice Miller Facebook Page Candice Miller Twitter Page Candice Miller Youtube Page01
Frank Lucas(R)Oklahoma27.4 Frank Lucas Wikipedia Bio Frank Lucas Facebook Page Frank Lucas Youtube Page00
Hal Rogers(R)Kentucky40.7 Hal Rogers Wikipedia Bio Hal Rogers Facebook Page Hal Rogers Twitter Page Hal Rogers Youtube Page00
Buck McKeon(R)California28.7 Buck McKeon Wikipedia Bio Buck McKeon Facebook Page Buck McKeon Twitter Page Buck McKeon Youtube Page30congressional staff/demographics2013-01-11
Paul Ryan(R)Wisconsin22.7 Paul Ryan Wikipedia Bio Paul Ryan Facebook Page Paul Ryan Twitter Page Paul Ryan Youtube Page45764Paul Ryan outlines demands to the Freedom Caucus2020-07-26
John Kline(R)Minnesota18.7 John Kline Wikipedia Bio John Kline Facebook Page John Kline Twitter Page John Kline Youtube Page01
Fred Upton(R)Michigan34.7 Fred Upton Wikipedia Bio Fred Upton Facebook Page Fred Upton Twitter Page Fred Upton Youtube Page01
Michael Conaway(R)Texas16.7 Michael Conaway Wikipedia Bio Michael Conaway Facebook Page Michael Conaway Twitter Page Michael Conaway Youtube Page02
Jeb Hensarling(R)Texas18.7 Jeb Hensarling Wikipedia Bio Jeb Hensarling Facebook Page Jeb Hensarling Twitter Page Jeb Hensarling Youtube Page10Patty Murray and Jeb Hensarling to co-chair supercommittee2011-08-25
Edward Royce(R)California28.7 Edward Royce Wikipedia Bio Edward Royce Facebook Page Edward Royce Twitter Page Edward Royce Youtube Page00
Michael McCaul(R)Texas16.7 Michael McCaul Wikipedia Bio Michael McCaul Facebook Page Michael McCaul Twitter Page Michael McCaul Youtube Page02
Bob Goodlatte(R)Virginia28.7 Bob Goodlatte Wikipedia Bio Bob Goodlatte Facebook Page Bob Goodlatte Twitter Page Bob Goodlatte Youtube Page01
Doc Hastings(R)Washington6.7 Doc Hastings Wikipedia Bio00
Darrell Issa(R)California20.7 Darrell Issa Wikipedia Bio Darrell Issa Facebook Page Darrell Issa Twitter Page Darrell Issa Youtube Page1417Newest articles about Darrell Issa2019-09-21
Pete Sessions(R)Texas24.7 Pete Sessions Wikipedia Bio Pete Sessions Facebook Page Pete Sessions Twitter Page Pete Sessions Youtube Page16Campaign contributions and special interests2010-01-14
Lamar Smith(R)Texas34.7 Lamar Smith Wikipedia Bio Lamar Smith Facebook Page Lamar Smith Twitter Page Lamar Smith Youtube Page02
Sam Graves(R)Missouri20.7 Sam Graves Wikipedia Bio Sam Graves Facebook Page Sam Graves Twitter Page Sam Graves Youtube Page00
Bill Shuster(R)Pennsylvania20.4 Bill Shuster Wikipedia Bio Bill Shuster Facebook Page Bill Shuster Twitter Page Bill Shuster Youtube Page00
Jeff Miller(R)Florida19.9 Jeff Miller Wikipedia Bio Jeff Miller Facebook Page Jeff Miller Twitter Page Jeff Miller Youtube Page62The $17 Billion Deal To Fix Veteran's Healthcare Program2014-08-01
Dave Camp(R)Michigan30.7 Dave Camp Wikipedia Bio Dave Camp Facebook Page Dave Camp Twitter Page Dave Camp Youtube Page01