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Sandy AdamsH(R)Florida01/03/11 - 01/03/1300
Robert AderholtH(R)Alabama01/03/97 - Present00
Lamar AlexanderS(R)Tennessee01/03/03 - Present19Alexander and Johanns continue the war against the middle c...2012-07-15
Michele BachmannH(R)Minnesota01/03/07 - Present14558Another Trump Card: "God will lift him up" to the Presidency2016-09-01
John BarrassoS(R)Wyoming06/25/07 - Present22Journalists allowing politicians to not answer the question...2012-08-29
Joe BartonH(R)Texas01/03/85 - Present312Joe Barton: Yet another climate change skeptic2011-04-25
Charles BassH(R)New Hampshire01/03/11 - 01/02/1300
Rick BergH(R)North Dakota01/03/11 - 01/01/1303
Sanford BishopH(D)Georgia01/03/93 - Present00
Marsha BlackburnH(R)Tennessee01/03/03 - Present62Marsha Blackburn reveals her prejudice2013-03-05
Earl BlumenauerH(D)Oregon05/21/96 - Present01
Roy BluntS(R)Missouri01/03/97 - Present25Warner, Blunt and a few others join up on a bipartisan job...2012-08-03
Bobby BrightH(D)Alabama01/03/09 - 01/03/1100
Sherrod BrownS(D)Ohio01/03/93 - Present40Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown says he's tired of China "bullyi...2012-01-30
Michael BurgessH(R)Texas01/03/03 - Present00
Richard BurrS(R)North Carolina01/03/95 - Present29Richard Burr holds up Duckworth nomination2009-05-02
G. K. ButterfieldH(D)North Carolina07/20/04 - Present00
Ken CalvertH(R)California01/03/93 - Present02
John CampbellH(R)California12/07/05 - Present00
Tom CarperS(D)Delaware01/03/83 - Present12Tom Carper's Idea for the post office.2012-04-27
John CarterH(R)Texas01/03/03 - Present00
Bill CassidyS(R)Louisiana01/03/09 - Present42Louisiana Senate Race Goes To Run-Off2014-11-04
Emanuel CleaverH(D)Missouri01/03/05 - Present00
Hillary ClintonS(D)New York01/03/01 - 01/21/092363111from Russia with love2020-04-22
Jim ClyburnH(D)South Carolina01/03/93 - Present24Rep. Clyburn Tells Truth About Voter-ID Laws2012-12-22
Howard CobleH(R)North Carolina01/03/85 - Present00
Tom CoburnS(R)Oklahoma01/03/95 - Present1313Both Oklahoma Senator's voted against hurricane Sandy r...2013-05-21
Thad CochranS(R)Mississippi01/03/73 - Present18Republicans in the pocket of bug oil2012-03-30
Mike CoffmanH(R)Colorado01/03/09 - Present47Mike Coffman's wrong votes on student loans2013-07-10
Tom ColeH(R)Oklahoma01/03/03 - Present03
Michael ConawayH(R)Texas01/03/05 - Present02
Chris CoonsS(D)Delaware11/15/10 - Present13Coons' addendum to the Buffett Rule2012-04-29
Jim CooperH(D)Tennessee01/03/83 - Present00
Bob CorkerS(R)Tennessee01/03/07 - Present3410Senator Corker's Jaw Dropping NYT Interview About Donald2017-10-17
Ander CrenshawH(R)Florida01/03/01 - Present00
John CulbersonH(R)Texas01/03/01 - Present00
Elijah CummingsH(D)Maryland04/16/96 - 10/17/1943Elijah Commings Eulogy2019-10-26
Artur DavisH(D)Alabama01/03/03 - 01/03/1181Artur Davis Speech at RNC 2012-08-29
Danny DavisH(D)Illinois01/03/97 - Present00
Nathan DealH(R)Georgia01/03/93 - 03/21/102711New Law Allows Georgia Residents to Carry Guns in Churches,...2014-05-05
Diana DeGetteH(D)Colorado01/03/97 - Present00
Jeff DenhamH(R)California01/03/11 - Present00
Charles DentH(R)Pennsylvania01/03/05 - Present00
Jimmy DuncanH(R)Tennessee11/08/88 - Present00
Donna EdwardsH(D)Maryland06/17/08 - Present00
Mike EnziS(R)Wyoming01/03/97 - Present43Liz Cheney to Challenge Mike Enzi2013-07-18
Chaka FattahH(D)Pennsylvania01/03/95 - Present00
John FlemingH(R)Louisiana01/03/09 - Present03
Randy ForbesH(R)Virginia06/19/01 - Present00
Trent FranksH(R)Arizona01/03/03 - Present02
Rodney FrelinghuysenH(R)New Jersey01/03/95 - Present00
Marcia FudgeH(D)Ohio11/18/08 - Present01
Cory GardnerS(R)Colorado01/03/11 - Present04
Jim GerlachH(R)Pennsylvania01/03/03 - Present00
Bob GibbsH(R)Ohio01/03/11 - Present00
Louie GohmertH(R)Texas01/03/05 - Present2029Louie Gohmert for House Speakership?2015-06-06
Lindsey GrahamS(R)South Carolina01/03/95 - Present208War warning?2017-12-05
Kay GrangerH(R)Texas01/03/97 - Present00
Chuck GrassleyS(R)Iowa01/03/81 - Present61Fast & Furious2012-07-19
Sam GravesH(R)Missouri01/03/01 - Present00
Tom GravesH(R)Georgia06/14/10 - Present00
Al GreenH(D)Texas01/03/05 - Present00
Gene GreenH(D)Texas01/03/93 - Present00
Tim GriffinH(R)Arkansas01/03/11 - 01/03/1500
Parker GriffithH(D)Alabama01/03/09 - 01/03/1107
Kay HaganS(D)North Carolina01/03/09 - 01/03/1573Well, Kay Hagan lost The Race. What's Next for NC?2014-11-11
Ralph HallH(R)Texas01/03/81 - Present00
Gregg HarperH(R)Mississippi01/03/09 - Present01
Nan HayworthH(R)New York01/03/11 - 01/02/1300
Martin HeinrichS(D)New Mexico01/03/09 - Present11Meet the Five Poorest Senators2013-01-22
Jeb HensarlingH(R)Texas01/03/03 - Present10Patty Murray and Jeb Hensarling to co-chair supercommittee2011-08-25
James HimesH(D)Connecticut01/03/09 - Present00
Chris Van HollenH(D)Maryland01/03/03 - Present00
Rush HoltH(D)New Jersey01/03/99 - Present30Cory Booker Makes Senate Bid Official2013-06-08
Steny HoyerH(D)Maryland05/19/81 - Present10House Democratic Leadership stays the same2012-11-30
Duncan HunterH(R)California01/03/09 - Present01
James InhofeS(R)Oklahoma01/03/87 - Present6715The harmful effects of a scientist going "rogue"2015-03-10
Johnny IsaksonS(R)Georgia01/03/99 - Present10Isakson has a 'plan B' for the Affordable Care Act2012-10-14
Sheila Jackson-LeeH(D)Texas01/03/95 - Present00
Lynn JenkinsH(R)Kansas01/03/09 - Present03
Eddie JohnsonH(D)Texas01/03/93 - Present00
Sam JohnsonH(R)Texas05/08/91 - Present00
Jim JordanH(R)Ohio01/03/07 - Present00
Ron KindH(D)Wisconsin01/03/97 - Present00
Adam KinzingerH(R)Illinois01/03/11 - Present00
Mark KirkS(R)Illinois01/03/01 - Present25Possible Mark Kirk new scandal2012-05-30
Larry KissellH(D)North Carolina01/03/09 - 01/02/1300
John KlineH(R)Minnesota01/03/03 - Present01
Amy KlobucharS(D)Minnesota01/03/07 - Present105Amy Klobuchar2019-04-22
Doug LambornH(R)Colorado01/03/07 - Present24Doug Lamborn and the politics of hate2012-01-24
Rick LarsenH(D)Washington01/03/01 - Present00
Christopher LeeH(R)New York01/03/09 - 02/09/1101
John LewisH(D)Georgia01/03/87 - Present1413John Lewis2020-08-05
Daniel LipinskiH(D)Illinois01/03/05 - Present00
David LoebsackH(D)Iowa01/03/07 - Present00
Frank LucasH(R)Oklahoma05/10/94 - Present00
Cynthia LummisH(R)Wyoming01/03/09 - Present00
Kenny MarchantH(R)Texas01/03/05 - Present00
John McCainS(R)Arizona01/03/83 - 08/25/1821434John McCain stopping treatnent.2019-06-07
Kevin McCarthyH(R)California01/03/07 - Present858The Inquisition of Hillary Rodham Clinton2015-10-26
Tom McClintockH(R)California01/03/09 - Present01
Mitch McConnellS(R)Kentucky01/03/85 - Present16945Impeach Mitch McConnell!2020-11-06
Jim McDermottH(D)Washington01/03/89 - Present01
Mike McIntyreH(D)North Carolina01/03/97 - Present00
Jeff MerkleyS(D)Oregon01/03/09 - Present118the Monsanto Protection Act2013-07-18
John MicaH(R)Florida01/03/93 - Present71TSA is finally doing away with full body scanners at airpor...2013-01-30
Candice MillerH(R)Michigan01/03/03 - Present01
Jeff MillerH(R)Florida10/16/01 - Present62The $17 Billion Deal To Fix Veteran's Healthcare Program2014-08-01
Gwen MooreH(D)Wisconsin01/03/05 - Present00
Jerry MoranS(R)Kansas01/03/97 - Present11Republicans in the pocket of bug oil2012-03-30
Randy NeugebauerH(R)Texas06/03/03 - Present270Blame it on the poor Park Ranger for the shutdown2013-10-23
Rich NugentH(R)Florida01/03/11 - Present00
Pete OlsonH(R)Texas01/03/09 - Present00
Erik PaulsenH(R)Minnesota01/03/09 - Present00
Ed PerlmutterH(D)Colorado01/03/07 - Present00
Collin PetersonH(D)Minnesota01/03/91 - Present00
Chellie PingreeH(D)Maine01/03/09 - Present00
Joseph PittsH(R)Pennsylvania01/03/97 - Present00
Mike PompeoH(R)Kansas01/03/11 - 01/23/17532Mike Pompeo's Egypt Speech2020-10-28
Bill PoseyH(R)Florida01/03/09 - Present00
David PriceH(D)North Carolina01/03/87 - Present00
David ReichertH(R)Washington01/03/05 - Present00
Pat RobertsS(R)Kansas01/03/81 - Present97Can Orman Be the Man who Keeps the Senate Blue?2014-11-04
Phil RoeH(R)Tennessee01/03/09 - Present00
Hal RogersH(R)Kentucky01/03/81 - Present00
Mike RogersH(R)Alabama01/03/03 - Present00
Mike RogersH(R)Michigan01/03/01 - Present91Privacy vs National Security, where is the line?2013-11-04
Peter RoskamH(R)Illinois01/03/07 - Present00
Dennis RossH(R)Florida01/03/11 - Present00
Dutch RuppersbergerH(D)Maryland01/03/03 - Present00
Bobby RushH(D)Illinois01/03/93 - Present00
Mark SchauerH(D)Michigan01/03/09 - Present00
Aaron SchockH(R)Illinois01/03/09 - 03/31/151111Representative Schock Resigns Amid Growing Ethics Scandal2015-03-18
Kurt SchraderH(D)Oregon01/03/09 - Present00
Bobby ScottH(D)Virginia01/03/93 - Present00
David ScottH(D)Georgia01/03/03 - Present00
Tim ScottS(R)South Carolina01/03/11 - Present14Stephen Colbert's sister running for Tim Scott's va...2013-02-08
James SensenbrennerH(R)Wisconsin01/03/79 - Present01
Pete SessionsH(R)Texas01/03/97 - Present16Campaign contributions and special interests2010-01-14
Jeanne ShaheenS(D)New Hampshire01/03/09 - Present14New Bi-partisan effort to help Veterans, Led by Jeanne Shah...2012-04-30
Richard ShelbyS(R)Alabama01/03/79 - Present22Shelby and Sessions actions don't support claims2012-10-21
Bill ShusterH(R)Pennsylvania05/15/01 - Present00
Adam SmithH(D)Washington01/03/97 - Present01
Adrian SmithH(R)Nebraska01/03/07 - Present00
Debbie StabenowS(D)Michigan01/03/97 - Present35Pete Hoekstra's Racist Ad During Super Bowl2012-02-21
Marlin StutzmanH(R)Indiana11/02/10 - Present00
Lee TerryH(R)Nebraska01/03/99 - Present90Lee votes to keep NSA survailance on Americans... WHAT?2013-07-25
Bennie ThompsonH(D)Mississippi04/13/93 - Present00
Glenn ThompsonH(R)Pennsylvania01/03/09 - Present00
Mac ThornberryH(R)Texas01/03/95 - Present00
John ThuneS(R)South Dakota01/03/97 - Present30John Thune as Romney's VP2012-06-21
Fred UptonH(R)Michigan01/05/87 - Present01
Greg WaldenH(R)Oregon01/03/99 - Present31Rep. Walden: Obama's Budget a "Shocking Attack on...2013-04-11
Tim WalzH(D)Minnesota01/03/07 - Present11Walz and Franken are looking to speed up veteran benefit di...2013-07-03
Mark WarnerS(D)Virginia01/03/09 - Present23Warner, Blunt and a few others join up on a bipartisan job...2012-08-03
Dan WebsterH(R)Florida01/03/11 - Present00
Lynn WestmorelandH(R)Georgia01/03/05 - Present01
Sheldon WhitehouseS(D)Rhode Island01/03/07 - Present31Senator Whitehouse blasts the "Senator with the snowball"2015-02-27
Ed WhitfieldH(R)Kentucky01/03/95 - Present00
Roger WickerS(R)Mississippi01/03/95 - Present23Arrest Made in Ricin Laced Letters Sent to Senator and Pres...2013-04-17
Frederica WilsonH(D)Florida01/03/11 - Present00
Joe WilsonH(R)South Carolina12/18/01 - Present35Joe Wilson's "You Lie!" comment: racially spurred? 2010-03-03
Robert WittmanH(R)Virginia12/11/07 - Present00
Don YoungH(R)Alaska03/06/73 - Present03