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111th Congress Members from Northeastern United States

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Charles BassH(R)New Hampshire01/03/11 - 01/02/1300
Tom CarperS(D)Delaware01/03/83 - Present12Tom Carper's Idea for the post office.2012-04-27
Hillary ClintonS(D)New York01/03/01 - 01/21/092363111from Russia with love2020-04-22
Chris CoonsS(D)Delaware11/15/10 - Present13Coons' addendum to the Buffett Rule2012-04-29
Elijah CummingsH(D)Maryland04/16/96 - 10/17/1943Elijah Commings Eulogy2019-10-26
Charles DentH(R)Pennsylvania01/03/05 - Present00
Donna EdwardsH(D)Maryland06/17/08 - Present00
Chaka FattahH(D)Pennsylvania01/03/95 - Present00
Rodney FrelinghuysenH(R)New Jersey01/03/95 - Present00
Jim GerlachH(R)Pennsylvania01/03/03 - Present00
Nan HayworthH(R)New York01/03/11 - 01/02/1300
James HimesH(D)Connecticut01/03/09 - Present00
Chris Van HollenH(D)Maryland01/03/03 - Present00
Rush HoltH(D)New Jersey01/03/99 - Present30Cory Booker Makes Senate Bid Official2013-06-08
Steny HoyerH(D)Maryland05/19/81 - Present10House Democratic Leadership stays the same2012-11-30
Christopher LeeH(R)New York01/03/09 - 02/09/1101
Chellie PingreeH(D)Maine01/03/09 - Present00
Joseph PittsH(R)Pennsylvania01/03/97 - Present00
Dutch RuppersbergerH(D)Maryland01/03/03 - Present00
Jeanne ShaheenS(D)New Hampshire01/03/09 - Present14New Bi-partisan effort to help Veterans, Led by Jeanne Shah...2012-04-30
Bill ShusterH(R)Pennsylvania05/15/01 - Present00
Glenn ThompsonH(R)Pennsylvania01/03/09 - Present00
Sheldon WhitehouseS(D)Rhode Island01/03/07 - Present31Senator Whitehouse blasts the "Senator with the snowball"2015-02-27