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111th Congress Congressional Committee Minority Leaders from Northeastern...

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Robert Brady(D)Pennsylvania22.1 Robert Brady Wikipedia Bio Robert Brady Facebook Page Robert Brady Twitter Page Robert Brady Youtube Page00
Nita Lowey(D)New York31.4 Nita Lowey Wikipedia Bio Nita Lowey Facebook Page Nita Lowey Twitter Page Nita Lowey Youtube Page00
Chris Van Hollen(D)Maryland17.4 Chris Van Hollen Wikipedia Bio Chris Van Hollen Facebook Page Chris Van Hollen Twitter Page Chris Van Hollen Youtube Page00
Eliot Engel(D)New York31.4 Eliot Engel Wikipedia Bio Eliot Engel Facebook Page Eliot Engel Twitter Page Eliot Engel Youtube Page00
Ed Markey(D)Massachusetts7 Ed Markey Wikipedia Bio Ed Markey Facebook Page Ed Markey Twitter Page Ed Markey Youtube Page43Markey Wins Massachusetts Special Election2013-06-26
Elijah Cummings(D)Maryland23.5 Elijah Cummings Wikipedia Bio Elijah Cummings Facebook Page Elijah Cummings Twitter Page Elijah Cummings Youtube Page43Elijah Commings Eulogy2019-10-26
Louise Slaughter(D)New York33.4 Louise Slaughter Wikipedia Bio Louise Slaughter Facebook Page Louise Slaughter Twitter Page Louise Slaughter Youtube Page01
Nydia Velazquez(D)New York27.4 Nydia Velazquez Wikipedia Bio Nydia Velazquez Facebook Page Nydia Velazquez Twitter Page Nydia Velazquez Youtube Page00
Mike Michaud(D)Maine17.4 Mike Michaud Wikipedia Bio Mike Michaud Facebook Page Mike Michaud Twitter Page Mike Michaud Youtube Page31Mike Michaud could be the first openly gay governor.2013-11-05