5 Committee Heads
Committee Head
WebsitesLatest ContentContent Date
Maxine Waters(D)California30.6 Maxine Waters Wikipedia Bio Maxine Waters Facebook Page Maxine Waters Twitter Page Maxine Waters Youtube Page01
Bennie Thompson(D)Mississippi28.3 Bennie Thompson Wikipedia Bio Bennie Thompson Facebook Page Bennie Thompson Twitter Page Bennie Thompson Youtube Page00
John Conyers(D)Michigan56.6 John Conyers Wikipedia Bio John Conyers Facebook Page John Conyers Twitter Page John Conyers Youtube Page33The odd pairing of Justin Amash and John Conyers Jr.2013-07-31
Elijah Cummings(D)Maryland23.5 Elijah Cummings Wikipedia Bio Elijah Cummings Facebook Page Elijah Cummings Twitter Page Elijah Cummings Youtube Page43Elijah Commings Eulogy2019-10-26
Eddie Johnson(D)Texas28.6 Eddie Johnson Wikipedia Bio Eddie Johnson Facebook Page Eddie Johnson Twitter Page Eddie Johnson Youtube Page00