U.S. Congress

Congressmen from Northeastern United States

8 Congress Members
Congress Member
Highest Degree
Previous Job\Career
Richard BlumenthalS(D-CT)Yale ('73) & Harvard ('67)DoctorateLawLawyer1
Ben CardinS(D-MD)Maryland ('67) & Pittsburgh ('64)DoctorateLawLawyer3
David CicillineH(D-RI)Georgetown ('86) & Brown ('83)DoctorateLawProfessor0
Eliot EngelH(D-NY)New York University ('87), City University of New York ('73, '69)DoctorateLawTeacher0
Steve IsraelH(D-NY)George Washington ('83) & Nassau Community College ('78)BachelorsPolitical ScienceManager2
Jerrold NadlerH(D-NY)Fordham ('78) & Columbia ('69)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee17
Bernie SandersS(D-VT)University of Chicago ('64)BachelorsPolitical ScienceProfessor1958
Chuck SchumerS(D-NY)Harvard ('74, '71)DoctorateLaw58