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Congressmen from Wisconsin

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Congress Member
Highest Degree
Previous Job\Career
Sean DuffyH(R-WI)William Mitchell College of Law ('99) & Saint Mary's University Minnessota ('94)DoctorateLawDistrict Attorney0
Ron JohnsonS(R-WI)Minnesota ('79, '77)BachelorsAccountingFinancial Worker1
Ron KindH(D-WI)Minnesota ('90), London School of Economics ('86) & Harvard ('85)DoctorateLawDistrict Attorney0
Reid RibbleH(R-WI)Cornerstone UniversityDid not FinishReligionEntrepreneur0
Paul RyanH(R-WI)Miami ('92, '92)BachelorsPolitical ScienceGovernment Employee457
James SensenbrennerH(R-WI)Wisconsin ('68) & Stanford ('65)DoctorateLawLawyer0