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Members of Congress from South Carolina

8 Congress Members
Congress Member
Highest Degree
Previous Job\Career
Jim ClyburnH(D-SC)South Carolina State ('62)BachelorsHistoryGovernment Employee2
Jeff DuncanH(R-SC)Clemson ('88)BachelorsPolitical ScienceManager0
Trey GowdyH(R-SC)University of South Carolina ('89) & Baylor ('86)DoctorateLawUnited States Attorney0
Lindsey GrahamS(R-SC)University of South Carolina ('81, '77)DoctorateLawLawyer20
Tom RiceH(R-SC)University of South Carolina ('82, '79, '77)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Mark SanfordH(R-SC)Virginia ('88) & Furman ('83)MastersBusinessSmall Business Owner17
Tim ScottS(R-SC)Charleston Southern ('88)BachelorsPolitical ScienceSmall Business Owner1
Joe WilsonH(R-SC)University of South Carolina ('72) & Washington and Lee University ('69)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee3