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Congressmen from Pennsylvania

12 Congress Members
Congress Member
Highest Degree
Previous Job\Career
Lou BarlettaH(R-PA)Bloomsburg University ('74)Did not FinishEducationSmall Business Owner0
Robert BradyH(D-PA)Consultant0
Matt CartwrightH(D-PA)Pennsylvania ('86) & Hamilton College ('83)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Mike DoyleH(D-PA)Penn State ('75)BachelorsLiberal ArtsGovernment Employee0
Mike FitzpatrickH(R-PA)Penn State ('88) & St Thomas University ('85)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Bob Casey Jr.S(D-PA)Catholic University of America ('88) & College of the Holy Cross ('82)DoctorateLawLawyer1
Mike KellyH(R-PA)Notre Dame ('70)BachelorsLiberal ArtsSmall Business Owner0
Tom MarinoH(R-PA)Penn State ('88), Lycoming College ('85) & Williamsport Area Community College ('83)DoctorateLawUnited States Attorney0
Pat MeehanH(R-PA)Temple ('86) & Bowdoin College ('78)DoctorateLawUnited States Attorney0
Tim MurphyH(R-PA)Pittsburgh ('79), Cleveland State ('76) & Wheeling Jesuit University ('74)DoctoratePsychologySmall Business Owner0
Keith RothfusH(R-PA)Notre Dame ('94) & Buffalo State ('84)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee0
Pat ToomeyS(R-PA)Harvard ('84)BachelorsPolitical ScienceSmall Business Owner8