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Members of Congress from Nevada

6 Congress Members
Congress Member
Highest Degree
Previous Job\Career
Mark AmodeiH(R-NV)the Pacific ('83) & Nevada Reno ('80)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Joe HeckH(R-NV)US Army War College ('06), Philadelphia Osteopathic Medicine ('88) & Penn State ('84)DoctorateMedicineDoctor0
Dean HellerS(R-NV)Southern California ('85)BachelorsBusinessStock Broker1
Steven HorsfordH(D-NV)Nevada Reno ('97)BachelorsPolitical ScienceCEO0
Harry ReidS(D-NV)George Washington ('64), Utah State ('61) & Southern Utah ('59)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee77
Dina TitusH(D-NV)Florida State ('76), University of Georgia ('73) & College of William and Mary ('70)DoctoratePolitical ScienceProfessor0