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Congressmen from Indiana

8 Congress Members
Congress Member
Highest Degree
Previous Job\Career
Larry BucshonH(R-IN)Illinois ('88, '84)DoctorateMedicineManager0
Daniel CoatsS(R-IN)Indiana ('71) & Wheaton College ('65)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee1
Joe DonnellyS(D-IN)Notre Dame ('81, '77)DoctorateLawSmall Business Owner1
Luke MesserH(R-IN)Vanderbilt ('94) & Wabash ('91)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee0
Todd RokitaH(R-IN)Indiana ('95) & Wabash ('92)DoctorateLawLawyer0
Marlin StutzmanH(R-IN)Trine & Glen Oaks CommunityDid not FinishLiberal ArtsSmall Business Owner0
Peter ViscloskyH(D-IN)Georgetown ('82), Notre Dame ('73) & Indiana Northwest ('70)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee0
Todd YoungH(R-IN)Indiana ('06), University of London ('01), University of Chicago ('00) & United States Naval Academy ('95)DoctorateLawLawyer0