U.S. Congress

111th Congress Members from Blue States

8 Congress Members
Congress Member
Highest Degree
Previous Job\Career
Rodney FrelinghuysenH(R-NJ)Trinity ('70) & Hobart and William Smith ('69)BachelorsLiberal ArtsGovernment Employee0
Chris Van HollenH(D-MD)Georgetown ('90), Harvard ('85) & Swarthmore College ('82)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee0
Jim McDermottH(D-WA)Illinois ('63) & Wheaton College ('58)DoctorateMedicineGovernment Employee0
Peter RoskamH(R-IL)Illinois Institute of Technology ('89) & Illinois ('83)DoctorateLawGovernment Employee0
Kurt SchraderH(D-OR)Illinois ('77) & Cornell ('73)DoctorateVeterinarySmall Business Owner0
Adam SmithH(D-WA)Washington ('90) & Fordham ('87)DoctorateLawJudge0
Greg WaldenH(R-OR)Oregon ('81)BachelorsJournalismGovernment Employee3
Sheldon WhitehouseS(D-RI)Virginia ('82) & Yale ('78)DoctorateLawUnited States Attorney3