U.S. Congress

Members of Congress from Deep South

44 Congress Members
Congress Member
Committee Leadership
Other Committees
Ralph AbrahamH(R-LA)00
Robert AderholtH(R-AL)1Appropriations0
Rick AllenH(R-GA)00
Sanford BishopH(D-GA)1Appropriations0
Charles BoustanyH(R-LA)1Ways & Means0
Mo BrooksH(R-AL)3Armed Services, Foreign Affairs & Science, Space & Technology0
Bradley ByrneH(R-AL)00
Buddy CarterH(R-GA)00
Bill CassidyS(R-LA)1Energy & Commerce4
Jim ClyburnH(D-SC)02
Thad CochranS(R-MS)4Agriculture, Nutrition & Forestry & AppropriationsRules & Administration & Joint Committee on the Library1
Doug CollinsH(R-GA)3Foreign Affairs, Judiciary & Oversight & Government Reform0
Jeff DuncanH(R-SC)3Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security & Natural Resources0
John FlemingH(R-LA)2Armed Services & Natural Resources0
Trey GowdyH(R-SC)4Education & Workforce, Ethics, Judiciary & Oversight & Government Reform0
Lindsey GrahamS(R-SC)4Appropriations, Armed Services, Budget & Judiciary20
Tom GravesH(R-GA)1Appropriations0
Gregg HarperH(R-MS)2Administration & Energy & Commerce0
Jody HiceH(R-GA)00
Johnny IsaksonS(R-GA)4EthicsFinance, Health, Education, Labor & Pensions & Veterans' Affairs1
Hank JohnsonH(D-GA)2Armed Services & Judiciary0
John LewisH(D-GA)1Ways & Means14
Barry LoudermilkH(R-GA)00
Alan NunneleeH(R-MS)2Budget & Appropriations0
Steven PalazzoH(R-MS)3Armed Services, Homeland Security & Science, Space & Technology0
Gary PalmerH(R-AL)00
David PerdueS(R-GA)08
Tom RiceH(R-SC)3Budget, Small Business & Transportation & Infrastructure0
Cedric RichmondH(D-LA)2Homeland Security & Judiciary0
Martha RobyH(R-AL)3Agriculture, Armed Services & Education & Workforce0
Mike RogersH(R-AL)3Agriculture, Armed Services & Homeland Security0
Mark SanfordH(R-SC)017
Steve ScaliseH(R-LA)1Energy & Commerce90
Austin ScottH(R-GA)2Agriculture & Armed Services2
David ScottH(D-GA)2Agriculture & Financial Services0
Tim ScottS(R-SC)5Commerce, Science & Transportation, Energy & Natural Resources, Health, Education, Labor & Pensions, Small Business & Entrepreneurship & Aging1
Terri SewellH(D-AL)1Financial Services0
Richard ShelbyS(R-AL)3Appropriations, Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs & Rules & Administration2
Bennie ThompsonH(D-MS)1Homeland Security0
David VitterS(R-LA)4Environment & Public WorksArmed Services, Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs & Small Business & Entrepreneurship41
Lynn WestmorelandH(R-GA)2Financial Services & Intelligence Select Committee0
Roger WickerS(R-MS)5Armed Services, Budget, Commerce, Science & Transportation, Environment & Public Works & Joint Economic Committee2
Joe WilsonH(R-SC)3Armed Services, Education & Workforce & Foreign Affairs3
Robert WoodallH(R-GA)3Budget, Oversight & Government Reform & Rules0